Having a dog means having a faithful companion that’ll never let you down. The phrase “a man’s best friend” is one of the most truthful ones. Dogs are caring, devoted, smart, comforting and loving. They’re always there for us, and it’s our responsibility to take care of them as best as we can.

This includes having a proper leash, care products, a comfortable bed, and of course, the right travelling accessories for your adventures together. By equipping your car with everything they need, you’ll have a safer, worry-free trip anywhere you go.


Make it Comfortable with a Travel Bed

Travelling with your pet can be stressful and a big hustle if you don’t have the proper seat to put them in. A travel bed can be of great help in this situation. It’s one of the must-have dog travel supplies for car rides all over the country. Especially if you and your fluff go on adventures all the time. The dog bed you have at home may not be the right replacement for a travel bed.

Make it Comfortable with a Travel Bed for dog
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It can be uncomfortable because it’s not meant to sit in the backseat of a car. It can also be impractical when it comes to securing it and cleaning it after every use. Travel beds are specially designed to fit in the car. They’re lightweight, portable and easy to store when you’re done. The first thing you need to make sure of is that the bed is comfortable. After that, it should be waterproof and easy to clean and maintain.

Having buckles or straps is never a bad idea. Many pets, especially some breeds of dogs have anxiety while travelling. There are several ways you can help them, but one of the most efficient ones is to take a familiar object with them. And having a familiar bed with them is probably the best way to do it. This will calm down the pet and make them feel safe. Keep an eye on the size and don’t let the legs or their head hang out.

Bring Out Their Favourite Blanket

There’s a big number of pets that just walk around with their blankets all the time. The reason they cling to it is not just to keep them warm. A lot of them find comfort when being close to their blanket and it makes them feel safe. You can use this symbol of safety when you’re travelling with your pet. That’s why, you should make sure you get the right material and size.

Cleaning and maintenance are also important. Some pet owners end up buying a couple of blankets before finding the right one. But at the end of the day, when you see how your pet interacts and enjoys their new “friend” it’ll be worth the effort. It acts as a sort of bedding so strong, soft and thick materials will be perfect.

It should be breathable, so your pet doesn’t sweat or feel cold on any occasion. Durability is important. The blanket will have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. It’ll be dragged around, bitten, wet, dry and played with a lot. It’s a good idea to invest a couple of more dollars so you won’t have to replace it after a couple of months.

There isn’t one-size-fits-them-all because every pet is different. The pet’s weight is also a factor to consider. They should be able to stretch and turn on the blanket comfortably. If it’s too small or too big it won’t do its function right. A machine-washable cotton blanket is probably the best choice. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and breathable. You can even wash it during your travelling adventures.

Buy a Good Travel Bowl

Having a good bowl to feed your furry friend while travelling is very important. This is one of the basic dog travel accessories. They’ll be using it a lot during the day and it’s crucial to make the right choice. Size is the first consideration. A bigger bowl means your pet will eat slowly because the food will be spread across the bottom. But if you don’t have space for a bigger bowl, you can buy a smaller one.

Buy a Good Travel Bowl
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Of course, consider the size of the pet as well. You’ll also have to wash the bowl several times during your day on the road. The cleaning and maintenance have to be simple and easy. This depends on the bowl’s design and material. Some of the most popular materials are stainless steel, ceramic and glass. They’re quite resistant to damage and easy to clean.

Stainless steel is at the top because it’s rust-resistant and won’t stain and absorb smells. If your pet is an energetic eater, buy a bowl with a rubber bottom so it won’t move around. If you have a tall pet or they have a certain medical condition, you can buy them an elevated bowl. This will make swallowing easier, and they won’t strain their neck. One of the best choices for your travelling buddy’s bowl is a collapsible one. It’s easy to store and clean and it won’t take up much space.

Get Equipped with a Booster Seat

This accessory is often on the top of the list of dog travel supplies for car adventures with your pet. The booster seat is shaped like a bucket. It helps your pet sit and feel comfortable and contained during the ride. They can see everything that’s happening around them and even look out the window. If you have a small or medium pet, this can be a good choice. These seats are not very suitable for larger breeds.

A lot of them can be secured to the seat with a leash to keep them in one place and not tipping over. The most important thing about this accessory is its durability. Nylon would probably be the best material to prevent wear and tear. Bathroom accidents are sometimes inevitable with our pets, so make sure the seat is easily washable.

A seat with good padding and plush covers will make their travel time much more comfortable. Safety is something that doesn’t need to be discussed. Having buckles and belts to secure the booster seat to the car seat is a must because even a slight stomp on the break can turn the seat over and injure your pet. We love our pets like family, and the least we can do is provide them with these car accessories that will make their travels a lot easier.