Having to move to a new house is both an exciting and a stressful experience. Last time I moved it was a roller coaster of emotions – I was excited about the new life I was starting, but I dreaded all the work I had to do to fully move all of my belongings to the new house. As I started calling some friends to help me with everything, one of them suggested that I should hire moving services instead. After talking it through with him and weighing all the pros and cons, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

After conducting some research, I found a company that offered such moving services and let them handle the whole process. And boy was I glad I made that decision. As soon as they took over, I was instantly at ease. They came with a professional truck and had the manpower and all the necessary moving supplies. At first I thought any box can be a moving box and didn’t think about all of the moving supplies I’d have to buy that would ultimately cost me more than I initially expected. Here’s a few of the things I saw the movers using that regardless whether you’re moving by yourself or getting professionals to do it for you, you should have at your disposal.

Moving Supplies



Cardboard boxes should be avoided. Purchasing new ones is expensive and using old ones can lead to mishaps like the boxes ripping down during transport and you ending up with broken items. Professional movers use reusable plastic boxes designed specifically for the task. They come in many sizes and shapes, and some even have extra features that will ensure all your kitchenware and clothes are moved conveniently and safely.

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is something that didn’t come to mind when I was planning moving by myself. However, the moving company used if for pretty much everything – wrapping breakable objects (which kept cracks and scuffs to a minimum) they used it as jar tops for bath products, preserves and salts (tying them and tagging them so I know what is what when they arrive in my new home), etc. This added an extra layer of protection to pretty much everything I owned.

Tools & Other

I’m not a handyman myself, so I didn’t have screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers at my disposal, which are essential to dismantling large pieces of furniture into parts in order to transport them easier. Besides tools, a few ropes and trash bags to tie up big bundles and pack unnecessary stuff to throw away will always come in handy.