If there is one type of footwear that catches everyone’s attention in the fashion industry, it’s unquestionably boots. People of all walks of life, from kings to soldiers to cowboys, adore boots. Because of its rigidity and trend, the lace-up style is what most people usually go for this gender-neutral classic footgear. Boots not only improve the overall appearance of an outfit, but they also elevate your style and make any look more appealing.

Every season brings new designs, patterns, fabrics, and everything else. However, with these regular changes, buyers face a common challenge, and that’s the difficulty of selecting the right par! With that said, there is always time to learn and develop new boot concepts, some of which you can find in this comprehensive guide.


Are Lace Up Boots Still in Fashion?

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Like most other wardrobe essentials, mens lace-up leather boots in colours like black and brown (and all the brown hues like camel, cognac, tan and others) never really go out of style. Yes, some shapes and designs ebb and flow with the seasons, but a well-chosen pair should survive the test of time. Particular designs can also transform the tone of an outfit: a clunky combat boot, for example, will bring toughness to a minimalistic outfit, and a low-cut lace-up set on a sporty layered rubber outsole is an easy shortcut to polished style. It’s all about tailoring the black boot to your style and requirements.

If you’re looking for both flair and utility, a functional lace-up boot is a must-have, and many designers highlighted this style in full force. These combat-style boots are ideal for adding a gritty edge to masculine ensembles while remaining comfortable for all-day wear. Look for these ankle-length silhouettes in blacks and browns to ensure their endurance as another hardworking wardrobe piece worthy of a space in your winter capsule wardrobe.

How Do I Find the Right Pair?

There is a massive selection of boots on the market. You’re doing well by now, as you’ve determined their material (leather) and shape (lace-up), as these are the most distinguishing characteristics. But before you go out and buy a pair, you still need to think about the numerous possibilities available to you. Here are some tips for choosing the right pair of mens leather lace-up boots.

Purpose and Character

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Consider the goal of the boot and your personality while selecting the perfect boot. Boots are highly adaptable, and you can wear a pair for practically any circumstance, from a wet day to a war on the battlefield. By making the right choice, you’ll avoid regretting your decision later. 

For example, if you’re seeking an exquisite image, go for a style made of leather with an antique burnished finish that sits just above the ankle. If you want to go for a pair that’s even more smooth, uncomplicated, and elegant, choose a style with a soft textile collar and a padded tongue with a contrast leather overlay. 

Boots with a sturdy triple later rubber outsole with a rounded toe, making it a classic combat boot style, on the other hand, are significantly more rugged. They exude a much more powerful and rough-and-tumble vibe. 

Similarly, if you want to wear boots to a formal function, opt for a men’s suede lace-up with a thick, cleated rubber outsole with a rounded toe and a smooth, rich finish.

Consider the Pant Style You’re Usually Wearing

You wouldn’t wear a puffy jacket to the beach, so why would you want to wear a strangely matched pair of trousers and boots? It’s critical to understand that specific boots work best with different pants. And knowing the appropriate combinations is crucial. 

Let rid of the notion that you can wear any pair of boots with jeans. You may enjoy wearing your rugged western jeans everywhere, but if you’re going to wear high-class boots, you should assess your choice of trousers. If you’re going to work, experts recommend wearing lace-up boots for men with jeans. Another suggestion is a basic ensemble consisting of dark blue slim-fit jeans, a t-shirt, and brown lace-up boots (trust us, it looks great!).

Chinos are preppy trousers that look great with leather boots. The combat style is another option that looks good with chinos. Whatever you decide, remember to roll your chinos above a pair of heavy woollen socks to show them off while walking. 

Check Your Pant Length

lace-up ankle boots this winter
source: wildrhinoshoes.com.au

Just as various trousers complement different boots, the length of your pants influences the footwear you choose. It may appear insignificant to you, but the point at which your pants’ cuffs sit can make or break your wardrobe. 

To draw attention to your boots, wear elegant jeans with a slightly higher cuff across the ankle joint. Instead of going to a tailor, use a hemming web for a quick repair. Just as you should pull up Chinos to show off the boots, cuff your boots to the same length as your jeans for an unpolished rather than clean look.

Pick the Right Colour

Yes, colours do matter when it comes to choosing boots! While you can wear a good pair of black boots with anything (including a fitted suit or tuxedo), brown boots offer colour without being too flashy, which isn’t always easy. Even though black and brown boots are a fashion classic that everyone should acquire, we want to keep your wheels turning. 

Have you ever worn tan boots? They will surely match all of the neutral colours. What about the cognac shade? True, they aren’t the first colour that springs to mind when thinking about boots, but not everyone’s wardrobe is made up of bright and light-coloured clothing, right? Incorporate a cognac pair of ankle boots into an all-black theme, and your ensemble will come to life like never before!