Some people pride themselves on their jobs and successes, others pride themselves on their loved ones, or crossing out more far off places off their bucket lists, and then there’s me, priding myself on my handbag collections. By now I can rightfully consider myself the Carrie Bradshaw of handbags; everyone who’s watched the unforgettable Sex and the City knows she has her piles of shoes, same way I have my piles of bags. What started out as a need to have the perfect bag for every occasion and outfit, continued as a genuine adoration of these products.

One thing I’ve learned over the years of spending my savings on bags is that leather style will never go out of fashion; leather bags for women are a wardrobe staple and simply a must-have. Considering leather itself is a material that’s long lasting, these bags are made to be a girl’s companion for years, there for her in every event in her life. As we all know, the world of handbags is vast nowadays, and the options are many; the same applies to leather bags.


From the ever stylish tote bag, the multi-purpose clutch, the classy shoulder and bucket bags for the more formal events and nights out, to the casual tassel and bohemian luxe bags, the choices of leather bags for women are sure to win you over. Same as with choosing any bag, narrowing down your choice of leather bags all depends on what best suits your lifestyle, be it in colour, shape or size. A word of advice is not to treat these bags as simply bags and toss them away in the wardrobe; they require all the care you can give them. A little maintenance goes a long way, so if you want to use your leather bag for a longer period, be sure to give it the care it deserves.

Your love for bags, or leather bags more specifically, doesn’t have to end in your wardrobe or your outfits. You know what’s said, sharing is caring, and what better way to show your appreciation of a woman figure near and dear to you than by gifting them a leather bag, They make the perfect gifts because they show you have great taste and you think the person you give it to has great taste. Sure, the choice of a leather bag isn’t all that easy, but gifting it to someone also shows you know them, and their style, and that’s something that’s bound to impress. A girl can never have too many leather bags, so give yourself and someone you love this well deserved treat.