Going on a long deserved holiday comes as such a nice treat after all the time you’ve spent working hard, I’m sure this is something everyone would agree on. I love holidays not only because I get to have the well deserved rest, but also because I get to have the perfect bonding time with my family.

I used to be somewhat of a workaholic, until I realised it was interfering with my personal life, getting between my loved ones and me, which is why we’ve decided to always make time for holidays, no matter how long or short; whenever we feel like going, we just go.

The story I want to share with you is when we almost got the worst holiday ever thanks to Led side marker lights (or rather the lack of them). Like the typical Australian family, we are crazy about camping so we own a comfy travel trailer, and instead of a five star hotel we appreciate staying over at one with a view of billions of stars at night.

Same as many trips we’d done before that, we packed up all the necessities (light clothing, food supplies that don’t easily go stale, checked up the generator, water tank, portable fridge, gadgets), found the perfect camping site and got the map checked for the road, thinking that summed up our preparation.

Little did we know, however, that based on our trailer, we were supposed to have the right pair of Led side marker lights installed, according to the light vehicle standard rules of the NTC (National Transport Commission) as of 2015.

After being pulled over by the police, and being told all this, let’s just say we thought all our holiday was ruined before it even started. Lucky for us, the police officer was kind enough to let us continue our way, mostly because of the devastated looks on our children’s faces, so we only got away with a fine to pay (which didn’t come all that cheap either).

The reason I’m talking about LEDs, and why we’ve installed them out of all the options of side marker lights, is because of their durability, thanks to the quality materials they’re made of, their waterproof properties, simple and quick mounting design, and instant illumination unlike traditional lighting – money well spent!

As a word of caution of my tale, I advise all campers who are reading to do their homework before taking to the road and find out everything about rules in their region – don’t end up fined like I did, with the possibility of an almost ruined holiday!

The amount of the side marker lights (two or three) depends on the size of the trailer; a pair of side marker lights for trailers that are up to 2.2 metres wide and up to 7.5 metres long, whereas three for those at least 2.2 metres wide and more than 7.5 metres long respectively, so choose accordingly.

Other regulations you must pay attention to are having the right tow bar (calculating by the weight of the trailer) and fit it perfectly, extension mirrors, load distribution bars for a smoother ride, and a transmission cooler if your towing vehicle is carrying lots of weight.

The fines aside, all these rules are meant to put your safety first, so it’s important to know them well before you can set on your adventure. Learn your lesson from a camper who wasn’t in the know!