Having a lush outdoor area has always been in my dreams when envisioning my ideal home which is why I had to get a home with a yard. My outdoor area is a real treat when wanting to have some rest and relaxation of the hectic daily schedule, it feels like traveling somewhere away for a while; traveling to a stress-free zone. Nothing like greenery to lift our mood, and help with overall well-being.

Taking this into account, the lawn has always been an important part of my yard, which is why the basic tool I resort to is a lawn mower. Why envy the green grass on the other side, when you too can have yours green, right? Taking care of my lawn, trimming it to perfection over the years has taught me it’s not just about buying the most expensive power tool of the sort there is to get the job well done.

Since there is a wide range of cheap lawn mower models, both petrol, and electric (corded, or battery), even hybrid ones of a mower and a mulcher, you can expect to get the lawn chore done in no time, saving efforts and time. Getting to know more about the lawn, I don’t wait up long to get on with mowing. The reason for this isn’t just in the aesthetics (let’s face it, messy lawn looks somewhat abandoned), but the health of the lawn itself.

It’s necessary to do regular cutting so as to stimulate growth which would in turn result in eye-catching lush green grass, and my cheap lawn mower proved to be just the durable helping hand I need to get the sought-after outcome. One golden rule tyou have to abide by when it comes to taking care of the lawn properly is not to cut when you have the time, but when it’s the grass’s time! Likewise, it’s important that you pay attention to the season, and the height that you can cut – ideally when it’s at 3 2/3 inches.

Cooler months require less cutting, with the grass being up to 2 inches and a half, whereas warm and hot months you cat cut at a greater height so you’d have to do wheel adjustment based on the season. Just remember to steer away from cutting it too short as that never works out for the better – been there, done that. The frequency of mowing also depends on the weather conditions, so when you’ve had some days of rain, you can expect the grass to show signs of more growth.

It may seem a bit demanding, but it’s all worth it, and you don’t get to waste as much time or energy when you can count on a quality lawn mower.