There’s no doubt you’d come to the point of wanting or needing a makeover in your home, but the budget isn’t always going to be synced with your wishes and needs. Thankfully there’s a way to add some interest in the abode without breaking your bank.

The answer lies in resorting to window treatments, and I don’t only mean for the living room but a room as functional and busy as the kitchen too. There are many ways to add charms to this part of your home, including vintage, however it’s blinds and curtains that have an immediate impact on the space as a whole, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Given that there’s a vast assortment of kitchen window coverings choosing may require more thought because not every kitchen environment is the same and there’s more than one type of blinds and curtains to use for a specific window in a certain layout.

For instance, depending on whether or not you have open concept design with the eating area adjoined, you could opt for the ever charming sheers that help bring warmth to the space in a sophisticated way while retaining daytime privacy. Additionally, they’re ideal for glass doors so if you’re looking for a way to enhance the door décor, this is it.

In cases of requiring more control of the sunlight, you can opt for blinds made from blackout fabrics, as is the case with roller blinds. Wanting to alternate between blockout and lightfiltering or even transparent, there’s the option of double rollers providing you with the best of both worlds.

Moist areas like that above the sink are best suited with kitchen window coverings made for humidity such as the hardwearing and low-maintenance PVC plantation shutters. If you’re up for the age-old style of venetians, having in mind there’s a PVC alternative to the classic wood means they make a great choice too, even for the moist conditions.

Styles aside, it’s important to consider aspects such as price, to automate or not, and the colours. Likewise, unless you have plenty of time to spare for chores, you may want to purchase something that’s easy to clean. Other decisive factors could be soundproofing and insulating properties of the blinds.

Best of all is they all make for an easy DIY project, more so as there are instruction manuals helping you measure precisely and then install successfully, no fuss!