You know that blissful stage at the beginning of relationships, where you feel like it’s a match made in heaven and that God himself sent you this wonderful person to share your life with; everywhere you go seems like the best place to be as long as you two are together, birds singing, sunshine abounds… The world is peaceful, you’re happy, everybody’s happy. It’s that stage that makes most people foolishly believe relationships are all about sugar, spice and everything nice. I used to be one of those foolish (helpless romantics if you will) people, until my SO and I had our first huge fight. That happened not long after we moved in together in a small studio, but at least there are two separate rooms so we spent some time in the different rooms, out of each other’s sight for some moments.

Just when we thought that was the end of it, we soon started getting into a fighting cycle that made each of us reach the end of our tethers, and get to the verge of our relationship. The problem was we didn’t actually know what we were arguing about, so it turned into an “argue for the sake of argue” situation. One morning, when it all seemed lost, I had a breakthrough after reading an article about how people get irritable when they’re hungry (there’s even an adjective for it: hangry), and it made me think about what it could be that’s lacking in our relationship. It certainly wasn’t food, but it made me realise it was sleep.

When we moved in, we didn’t exactly want invest much in a quality bed, so we got the one that felt the softest and just in the size for cuddles. Before you know it, I started hearing his snores, tossing and turning, not being able to get the sleep I needed, he on the other hand wasn’t able to understand my need for a warmer room. Long story short, after pointing it out, we decided it wasn’t time for “my way or the high way” steps, but rather time for some serious bed shopping. That’s when we decided to go for bed and mattress king size and get rid of the small one. Kings and queens sure knew what comfort is all about, no wonder they got mattress sizes named so.

The mattress king size can be found in many varieties, be it latex, pocket spring, pillow top, memory foam, you name it. It’s important not just to consider comfort, but also what your body needs, whether it’s more thermoregulation, hypoallergenic materials, more even body weight distribution, extra support, all the details you can think of. We sure learned our lesson and now that we have our king size bed, we couldn’t be happier, it feels like blissful relationship stage all over. We get the right amount of sleep we need (though occasionally I need to use earplugs), we roll over to opposite sides when it gets too warm, roll back when it gets cold, and we wouldn’t trade our bed for anything. Some say you get more rest when sleeping in separate beds, but why do so when you can get a king size instead – the best of both worlds.

If you haven’t thought of it yet, our advice is save your sleep and relationship and buy a king size bed. Sleep deprivation can become chronic, which leads to serious health problems that don’t only wreak havoc to your relationship. Also word is out that women need more sleep than men, so if you have a man that’s an early bird make sure he knows it!