When it comes to women leather bags, it’s really important to understand that if not maintained properly, chances are they’ll end up looking like something that’s not worth a third the price you paid to get that chic looking piece of fashion. Yes, leather bags come with a price tag that might break the bank and for that reason we gathered a few pro tips that can help you maintain your women leather bags and take them places for a longer period of time.

Clean It On a Regular Basis
If you own a leather bag make sure you clean it thoroughly at least once a week. You can do that with a soft cloth and mild soap and simply wipe away the stains and the dirt from the outside of your bag. Even though sometimes you may feel your bag is clean, believe me, once you wipe it with the mixture you won’t be sorry you took two minutes to do it.

Store It Properly
If you are one of those girls who consider piling up their bags as a nice way to put them in order, I am going to be very honest with you and say: Well, you might as well throw your money away!Leather bags, just like any other type for that matter, need careful care and proper storage. Also, don’t ever store your leather bag in plastic or vinyl because they will trap moisture inside it. When you don’t use it, make sure you cross the handles over each other in order to avoid wear and tear.


Remove Stains And Odors Right Away
If you ever spill oil, water, ink or some other type of liquid on your bag, make sure you remove it as soon as possible. These are some additional tips on how to remove certain types of stains:

Oil stains – Put cornstarch on the stain and rub it in deeply. This will aid the absorption of the oil. Once you’re done, take the the powder off with a clean, soft cloth.

Food stains – For food stains, white school chalks are the answer! Crush some white chalk on the stain and let it sit overnight. The next morning take a soft cloth and brush the chalk off.

Funny odor removal – Take a plastic bag with baking soda and put it inside your bag. Keep the baking soda inside the bag for two or more days and let it absorb the odor.