There’s something about wheels and speed that’s always fascinated people. Though roller skating seems as more of a recent craze, it’s actually been the source of fun and relaxation to people for centuries. The first use of roller skates occurred in the 18th century and the trend that Georgians and Victorians got to enjoy has withstood the tests of time, undergoing certain style and technical changes, and still winning over the hearts of many today worldwide. If you’re still not sure whether you should make way for roller skating in your lifestyle, then perhaps all the health benefits might convince you.

As first, calorie burning can’t get any better and more entertaining than this. Sure you might already be mindful of what you eat and are counting all the calorie intake, heading off to the gym regularly or every once in a while, but what could replace a fun exercise in the great outdoors getting all the fresh air and having a change of scenery? This kind of exercise is the most enjoyable cardio exercise you could wish for. If you want to really get the desired outcome, you have to invest in the right equipment and, lucky for you, there are many varieties of products for sale that an online skate shop AUS round can provide you with, be it the skates or protective gear.


Speaking of cardio, running is a good candidate, however if you’ve had your share of knee and joint pain, you’d consider giving up on cardio altogether. Fret not as roller skating is the right alternative to choose since it has low impact on the joints and happens to be a nice tension relieving option. Furthermore, it develops the leg strength and muscular mass same way running does and it affects the arms as well, moving them about when maintaining balance so in other words, you get to have the perfect beach body exercise without the additional aches and pains. Besides, you get to look stylish as you make your way through the streets, and skates can be quite the styling accessories. Take a look at all the choices of skates an online skate shop AUS based has to offer, choose accordingly to your skills, and upgrade your workout outfits with some skates colours and patterns. That’s what style on wheels is!

Though it might seem difficult at first, it’s actually easy to learn how to roller skate, and no matter your age, you get to work on your coordination skills as well as flexibility and strength. Of course, best of all, you also get to have psychological benefits, letting your mind wander off to wherever it wants to, relaxing and enjoying the moment.