Have you ever thought what it is that helped us advance so greatly throughout the centuries, from a life so beastly-like to the one of today, greatly advanced? It’s certainly got to be our ability to use resources as well as ideas and come up with tools to make for easier life and succeed in the battle to survive. Fishing has always been essential to us, and from the very beginning, people have been looking for ways to master it so that they could become the skilled fishermen who bring meals to the plates whenever out fishing.

This goes to show the constant importance of fishing equipment. I know you must be thinking of the ideal rods and reels, but the particular bits of gear that deserve the attention are the hooks. From the use of different materials, such as wood, bones and metal, they have evolved to quite the versatile tool, out of which the jigs as the artificial lures are the leaders in popularity. As a combination of hooks and baits – the jig heads, this is due to their broad use. They are suitable for different types of fish, no matter how big or small, as they can be fished as deep or as shallow as you want them to.


Though primarily made of lead, nowadays everyone knows just how toxic lead is to nature as much as to us, thus the jig heads we have at our disposal today are usually made of a tough, much heavier than lead and eco-friendly material – the tungsten. Since they’re ideal both for fresh and saltwater conditions, they are designed to be durable and are easily paired with plastics or live baits. As opposed to floating jigs, all the others are weighted so they make their way easily when in the water. The process of creating a jig head goes from heating the metal to get to the liquid state and then it’s moulded along with the hook.

Perhaps it doesn’t seem that important to you, but choosing the right jig head colour is equally essential as choosing the right jig; It all comes down to the fishing conditions and how visible you need the jigs to be. The world of jig heads is vast, from the popular round and tube, to glider, shaky, football, darter, stand-up and bullet. The jigs can appear somewhat simple when compared with other more advanced lures, but it’s their design that makes them so indispensable to fisherman to this day. If it’s successful catch you want (then again who doesn’t), then don’t leave them out of your fishing kit.