Nothing says “welcome to my home” more than a stunning entryway and hallway. While it is easy to ignore this area, it actually sets the tone for the entire home when guests enter. A well-designed hallway can also pull a visitor’s eye into your home, making them eager to enjoy your space with you.

Most hallways aren’t large enough to accommodate large furniture pieces and accessories, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-placed console table, eye-catching wallpaper, or innovative storage choices. I’ve compiled a list of modest but impactful corridor decoration ideas, so you’re sure to find something to zhuzh up your area.


1. Bring Nature Home with Wallpaper

Hallways with neutral paint are plentiful, but when they end in a dramatic accent wall, the intrigue of exciting things to come is enhanced. A green floral wallpaper, for example, in any home encourages visitors to explore the hidden garden just out of sight. The hallway can integrate the same colour scheme without distracting from the vibrant wallpaper at the end, thanks to delicate pink paint, green lamps, and bright hardwood floors.

Green floral wallpaper

2. Install Decorative Hooks for Convenience and Style

The reason of why you need wall and door hooks is one that most people never really consider. Coat and wall hooks, you see, are unsung heroes in the home that provide convenience and, on occasion, set the tone for good taste. Whether they act as laundry hooks, towel hooks, or coat hooks, the convenience provided is difficult to overlook.

That said, a quality decorative hook truly brings a personal touch to your doors and hallway walls. Visitors to your home will notice the difference as soon as they enter if you have a door hook placed. Furthermore, the design of door hooks you select in coordination with the style and substance of the door, as well as your decision, will complement the total effort you’ve made in decorating your home.

The good news is that if you consider yourself handy, installing a coat hook or a wall hook will be a breeze. You’ll then have a place to hang not only your coats but also your luggage, dog leads, and anything else you require daily. Most door hooks and coat racks may be installed in 5–10 minutes with a drill and a screwdriver. So, if you’re looking for small but meaningful ways to organize and upgrade your hallway space, adding a decorative hook is a great place to start (bonus points if it matches with the rest of your metal hardware, such as door knobs and metal bookshelves).

3. Include Unexpected Seating

A low-profile location to sit and remove your shoes upon entering your home is a terrific hallway design option, as is a low-profile place to sit like the one pictured below. This beige and black room is wonderfully complemented by this neutral-coloured bench.

Dark hallway with bright seating

4. Upgrade Your Light Fittings

Choose your light fixtures carefully if you want to make a compact entry stand out. Sconces give repetition and visual appeal while also setting the tone upon arrival. They also provide ambient lighting that is far more attractive than recessed cans (similar to the effect of candles in the past).

5. Create a Gallery Wall

If you’re an avid appreciator of art or an artist yourself, you can always turn to creating a gallery wall to transform an ordinary hall or entryway into a museum-worthy masterpiece. Any decorative maximalist supports this argument with art as far as the eye can see—and it is anything but a boring way to establish the tone when you enter a home. However, you can always keep things simple by displaying just one gorgeous piece of art as a focal point and a pop of colour in your main hallways.

6. Throw Down Some Unique Rugs

Fun, eye-catching rugs may make excellent hallway decor. While a single runner may suffice, a pair of two vintage carpets will provide a one-of-a-kind look. The different patterns add visual interest, yet the matching colour palettes make the overall appearance consistent. Even if you don’t have much room for furnishings, a modest rug might look great.

Vintage rug

7. Showcase Your Book Collection

Are you considering bookworm hallway decor ideas? Incorporate some square shelves into your doorway. Some low-slung cubbies, for example, can contain a lot without looking cluttered. If you want some covered storage, you may certainly substitute baskets and bins.

8. Finish with floating shelves

Are you looking for hallway décor ideas to hide your mail or apartment keys? Incorporate some wall storage into your hallway. Floating shelves can be a fantastic solution if you have a larger corridor that could use some depth and pizazz. They can be functional while occupying no floor area. Not only is this trick space-efficient, but it is also a one-hour DIY effort. When in doubt, visit platforms like Pinterest, Etsy, or Instagram for hallway décor inspiration.