Once they put on their skates, little kids find roller skating so fascinating that making them take them off is nearly impossible. And the fact you can see people in their 80s still skating confirms that people of all ages enjoy rolling on those skates, one leg at a time. Whether you’re new to this activity or you’ve been a skater forever, here’s all you need to know about this fun hobby for your kids.


Why Is Rollerskating the Perfect Children’s Activity?

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Roller skating is a fun and effective way to strengthen vital muscle groups, such as the calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the core. It provides a low-impact exercise that benefits heart health and burns calories, making it ideal for all, especially children.

For kids, roller skating helps develop balance, coordination, and agility by engaging the core muscles. Additionally, roller skating is a social sport, offering opportunities for children to make friends and socialise, whether they skate recreationally or join a roller derby team. Furthermore, regular roller skating can boost brain functions, relieving stress and improving focus in school and other activities.

How to Choose Skates for Kids?

Selecting the proper roller skates is essential for your child to have a fun and secure skating experience. The temptation to select something affordable and enjoyable may present itself while choosing your child’s first pair of roller skates. After all, you don’t know if they’ll enjoy skating and continue to do it. The problem with this thinking is that youngsters frequently have a poor start while using inexpensive toy skates. They won’t enjoy getting blisters or navigating slick wheels, so they might decide that skating isn’t their cup of tea.

On the other hand, when you pick premium Crazy Skates for your child from the beginning, you provide a convincing option to inspire a lifelong love of skating in your youngster. By choosing Crazy Skates, you’re giving your child a fantastic skating experience from their first timid steps to becoming a skilled skating superstar and an opportunity to make a statement on the streets. Whether your child is a novice or a seasoned skater, there’s an ideal pair of Crazy Skates. Here are five more reasons why choose these shimmery and shiny skates.

Designed for Comfort

An enjoyable skating experience leaves a treasured memory that lasts a lifetime. It makes sense to anticipate that your child will only enjoy skating as much if their skates are comfortable and of good quality. That’s why quality must always come first. By purchasing skates from the Crazy Skate range, you’re choosing a company that won’t give in. The brand uses only the best materials in the thorough design and construction of our skates, produced in Australia. Thanks to the boots’ ample padding of premium, breathable foam that keeps its shape and resilience, there isn’t a chance for blisters and pressure points. And the wide selection of sizes for different foot shapes ensures a comfortable fit.

No Slipping or Sliding, Thanks to the Quality Urethane Wheels

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Most low-quality “toy” skates have plastic wheels that poorly function when rolling and are very slippery when used on smooth surfaces like indoor roller rinks. This lack of quality will likely lead to additional bumps and falls as people learn to skate because it does little to increase confidence. On the other hand, urethane wheels are a standard feature on each pair of Crazy Skates. These wheels have excellent rolling characteristics and offer the right amount of grip. Additionally, they add high-quality chrome ABEC bearings to improve glide, guaranteeing a noticeably smoother ride compared to other skates.

Toe Stops for Added Confidence

It’s crucial for skaters, especially beginners, to be able to stop fast and forcefully. The toe stops on many other skates are plastic, which slides more often than they provide a solid stop when placed against the ground, so they once again fall short of expectations in this area. The Crazy skates, in comparison, include premium urethane toe stops rather than plastic, assuring smooth and effective halts. These sturdy stoppers employ a non-marking material that protects indoor surfaces from scratches and marks, a problem frequently present with substitute stoppers. This unique design provides your child complete control over their skating experience, allowing them to stop and start confidently.

Stylish and Trendy

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Let’s face it: kids genuinely care about their looks while skating. There is something for everyone in Crazy Skates’ wide range of colours, patterns, and styles, whether they like to stand out from the crowd or favour a more subdued look. In addition to skates with LED light-up wheels, two-tone flip sequin panels, glitter-infused boots, and even skates equipped with a magnificent laser-cut filigree heel brooch, they also offer various alternatives. Besides many different styles and hues in their selection, they all have one thing in common: they have a detailed design to appear spectacular in every way.


As you’ve just learnt, skating is much more enjoyable with high-quality skates. However, that doesn’t imply that you must break the money to provide your children with the proper skates from the start. The Crazy Skates have a reasonable price, and because of their superb quality, they’ll last far longer than less expensive options. When your child outgrows them, you can pass them on to younger family members or friends. These skates will enable your youngster to advance their abilities more quickly and with less frustration, which is invaluable.

A Final Thought

The best way to guarantee that your youngster develops a passion for skating that lasts a lifetime is to purchase an incredible pair of roller skates from Crazy Skates! All you have to do is watch them develop—from hesitant first steps to becoming an accomplished skating superstar—comfort, style, safety, and performance have been thoroughly considered.