Ah, the perks of technology. I know for sure I’m not the only geek that’s obsessed with keeping up with the world of inventions and buying most (if not all) latest electronics that my life simply can’t do without. Spending most of my time in the company of gadgets and devices both at work and at home, my sedentary lifestyle had started taking its toll without me realizing. Apart from the frequent headaches, eyestrain and occasional wrist aches, my back was killing me. I had my share of painkillers and unsuccessful therapy treatments that involved some odd and demanding exercises and it seemed like my back pain was to stay my constant companion.

Since I got my aversion towards everything that had to do with pills, I figured alternative treatment was the way to go and that’s when I gave yoga a try. It did relieve me of my waist and shoulder tension but sadly the back pain was still not giving in. As I was no stranger to mats and was a tech aficionado, a friend of mine had read an article she was dying to share with me which had to do about the positive health effects of the infrared heating mat. I have to admit it all seemed too good to be true, technology, yoga and health benefits all in one, so it did look more of a hoax than a potential purchase option for me but as there were no signs of the persistent pain leaving, I got determined to give this mat a chance.

infrared heating mat

After trying it out a couple of times, let’s just say my chronic back pain was chronic no more! I fell in love with this ingenious design and wondered why I hadn’t bought my infrared heating mat any sooner. It takes just five minutes for the relaxation of muscles to begin, which means savasana just gets better when you do it on this kind of mat. The strain I’d felt in my joints, the carpal tunnel syndrome I’d been experiencing were all gone. Not only is the infrared technology safe to be around and doesn’t cause harm, but it helps with the overall well-being too. It aids with the detoxifying process, betters blood circulation and immune system and surprisingly even weight loss.

Getting rid of all the pain, not using pills and even maintaining my weight plus helping with my sleep, I can say this is by far the best purchase I’d made, technology and health wise and I have my friend to thank for. Hopefully you’d take it from me and get rid of annoying aches and pains with the help of infrared light.