Cutting Discs: Thin But Mighty Tools with a Widespread Use

Cutting Discs: Thin But Mighty Tools with a Widespread Use

You know those ingenious tools created to be multi-purpose, thus save you effort, time, as well as money? Well, the angle grinders and stationary devices have something in common: the cutting discs. It’s these specific ingenious tools that have sparked my interest, particularly their widespread use, and you’re about to find important things there are to know about them by reading further through this post.

Their widespread use comes from their specific design, created to come in handy with cutting, and grinding a variety of materials, from wood, stone, and concrete, to the different types of metal alloys (e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, steel) among others, as well as with polishing. You can count on cutting discs being the tools that make for a valuable purchase because they were invented to allow for greater mobility, and ease of use when it comes to cutting or grinding materials, along with saving up your time and effort. (more…)

Owning a Chainsaw is Cool – The Modern Viking’s Tool

There are certain situation in the life of all homeowners when relying on professionals becomes redundant, and getting the tool for the job and learning some simple skills becomes the smart thing to do. This certainly goes for owning a decent chainsaw for when trees need to be trimmed or cut down and an ax just won’t make the cut (pun intended).

By getting your own chainsaw, you’ll not only be saving some bucks, since there are some pretty decent cheap chainsaws deals, especially online, but you’ll also be able to cut trees down into firewood and there’s no doubt there’s something Viking-like manly and exciting about that process. Now if you do feel finding cheap chainsaws deals is the right call for you, there are some important notes you need to keep in mind as to ensure you’re getting the right tool.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws are power and mobility match made in heaven. Ranging from light-duty to professional-grade, their pull-start and two-cycle engine brings the right amount of power in one’s hands. Regarding the fuel, you can mix it on your own or get a premixed can. With one of these, you can truly make a tree fall, be it large or small.


Electric chainsaws come in handy for small jobs such as pruning, trimming and some light cutting – when less power is required. They are very easy to start and maintain and are a lot quieter than gasoline-powered ones. There are both corded and cordless models of electric chainsaws. Cordless ones offer more mobility but the battery renders them heavier and limits the time of operation. The corded one, on the other hand are a little bit tricky since you have to make sure the cord is out of your way at all times.

How Not to Become a Part of the Chain of Chainsaw Fools

Beware of kickbacks! This means make sure the chainsaw doesn’t hit a solid object such as a nail or a rock. Also, since you cannot rely on your eyes 100% of the time, wearing protective gear is a must! Cutting things higher than your chest is also considered dangerous and while cutting you need to ensure you keep your body behind the engine and far from the blade. Regarding gasoline-powered chainsaws, you need to be careful not to start the chainsaw in the very spot where you fueled it since the sparks could ignite the gasoline.

How Did Fire Sirens Come About?

How Did Fire Sirens Come About?

Some things we take for granted until a disaster happens and we rely on them heavily. Example? Siren alarms. They’re devices that have saved millions of lives by alerting them about an upcoming danger. They’re used mainly for calling volunteer fire fighters, can serve as civil defense sirens and disaster announcers, alerting entire communities of impending danger. Most fire sirens are mounted on a pole next to the fire station or in the room. They can also be mounted near government buildings as well as tall structures in order to provide a clear alert. (more…)

Tracing Back to the Invention of Servo Motors

Tracing Back to the Invention of Servo Motors

The closed-loop servomechanism that uses position feedback in order to control its motion and final position is called a servo motor. A servo motor is essentially an electronic amplifier which operates in conjunction with an electric motor. Often times, the two are integrated but that’s not always the case. The servo motor allows the motor to self-correct by adjusting properly to error responses as opposed to automatic settings or human input.

The term servo is believed to have originated from the French word “servomoteur” which translates as “a slave motor”. The servomechanism dates back to the 1860s when it was used on ships. The predecessor of the servo is the governor, which was a device automatically regulating the supply of steam, fuel and water to a machine, ensuring a uniform motion and limited speed. The governor had all the essentials of the modern servo motor, including response output, energy input, a way to manipulate error signal in order to minimize it and a way to display errors.

servo motoer (more…)

Water Pumps: The Easiest Way to Battle Bushfires

Water Pumps: The Easiest Way to Battle Bushfires

If you plan to move to a rural area in New South Wales or Western Australia, you probably already know that these parts are threatened by bushfire, especially during the hot summer months. For example, last month nearly 100 wildfires raged across the state of NSW, threatening many dwellings and small landholdings. That’s precisely why having a survival plan in case of a fire is a must for the residents in these states.

“Yes, that’s true, but what do water pumps have to do with this?”, you may be wondering. Well, to put it simply – a lot.

Aside for draining water from a basement, draining and filling swimming pools and ponds, and agricultural and lawn sprinkling, water pumps are also suitable for putting out fires. Since water pumps are designed for transferring water, owning one can literally save your life and your property. High-pressure water pumps are the ideal water pumps for firefighting.

Portable high-pressure water pumps are perfect for firefighting and fire preparation because they can pump water from practically any water source (a creek, a tank, a dam, a pool, etc.) and discharge it with pressure. In case you didn’t know, fire fighting pumps can be used for irrigation, high-pressure spraying, and equipment wash-down as well. So if you’re a farmer or intend to become one, you should definitely consider buying a nice high-pressure fire fighting water pump.

When it comes to purchasing a high-pressure water pump, I advise you to look for such water pumps online as there are lots of reputable companies that sell durable and reliable water pumps online. When searching for this immensely useful piece of equipment, you should pay attention to the pressure, the flow rate, the maximum head, the inlet/outlet size, and the engine.

According to many experts and experienced landholders, one needs 100PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) or more for successful firefighting. Furthermore, the flow rate should be above 200 litres per minute. The maximum head capacity is another important feature of a fire fighting pump. It refers to the maximum height the pump can pump to. The inlet/outlet size matters because the larger it is, the faster you will get the job done.

Finally, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of the engine your fire fighting water pump is equipped with. Petrol engines are cheaper than diesel ones, but diesel engines are safer and more fuel efficient. Aside from all of the aforementioned features, I advise you to look for self-priming capability as well. A self-priming fire fighting water pump is able to retain water after the very first prime. Such water pumps are always ready to battle fires.

The History of Diesel Engines and DPF

The History of Diesel Engines and DPF

Since the combustion engine was invented back in 1893, diesel powered engines and generic spark-driven combustion engines have been competing for the best engine spot among engineers all over the world. Since the past century, these technologies have been at an uneasy peace with spark-driven engines and light-weight engines dominating the personal marine, early aviation and personal transportation fields, while the heavier diesels have been the engines of choice for ships, submarines, trucks and locomotives.

However, in the past few decades, diesel engines have become extremely competitive in automobile manufacturing. In Europe, half the newly manufactured cars now run on diesel. You may ask why? Well it’s simple – they’re more reliable, efficient, run cooler, last longer, diesel fuel is safer, they’re more easily turbo-charged, produce less carbon monoxide, accept synthetic fuels and so on.

If your car runs on diesel, and you’re considering replacing your exhaust system, one thing to consider is installing a DPF back exhaust as it removes soot or particulate matter from the exhaust gas of the engine. The diesel exhaust can be produced by the engine which contains particles that can be comprised of the fuel type or consumption rate of the engine.

The exhaust from diesel is a carcinogen, which is the product of incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel. These particles can include small nanoparticles, which can worsen the pollution in the atmosphere and can be harmful to the health. The DPF back exhaust filters can capture more than 95% of the harmful soot. If the DPS is optimal, soot emissions can be lowered to 0.001g per km or even less. This technology was first considered in the 70s due to the concerns about the impact that inhaled particles had. They’ve been used on non-road machines since the 80s and half a decade later they were implemented in automobiles as well.

At this point, the diesel engines, as aforementioned, have become the preferred choice of many people around the world. And while there were no regulations about this in the past, a lot of people still decided to go for this environmental-friendly solution. Nowadays, however, a lot of countries have implemented a law which enforces the use of DPF, so now is the right time to invest in one and stay ahead. By investing in a DPF back exhaust you are supporting the environment and making a statement, regardless whether in your country or state the laws enforce it or not.