History and Benefits of Spiral Mixers

History and Benefits of Spiral Mixers

If you’re in the business of making pastries, bread, cakes, or pizza, you probably understand the huge importance of having a good dough mixer for your business. Truth be told, buying the right mixer can be a bit intimidating – it is a hefty investment, and if you’re a local business you need to spend your money wisely to ensure further business growth. Therefore, there are really many considerations to bear in mind.

With that being said, there are two popular dough mixers for commercial settings that produce high-quality dough consistently. However, the right model for your business will mainly depend on the type of products you’re producing. For products like Artisian breads, pizza and bagels, it’s hard to debate against the spiral mixer.

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The Different Types of Wrapping Machines and Their Modus Operandi

The Different Types of Wrapping Machines and Their Modus Operandi

In today’s technologically-driven and rapidly-moving business world, a secure and quick delivery of your products can make all the difference between delighted and dissatisfied customers. With that being said, wrapping machines can be essential to many businesses for securing their products with a strong, clear, spiral film. This is especially true for businesses that produce irregularly shaped and bulky items that need to be packaged and labeled before being shipped.

Spiral FilmAmong the four industries that immensely benefit from wrapping machines are: businesses that involve building products and require an e-commerce solution for quick filling, packaging and labeling; businesses in the automotive and aerospace industries that manufacture products for national and international transit; woodworking industries which manufacture heavy, large and bulky items, such as doors and cabinets; and logistic and transport businesses, like warehouses.

However, the term “wrapping machinery” includes a broad family of machinery and wrapping styles. What they all have in common though, is the fact that they utilise a spiral film, a band or aluminium foil in the wrapping process. Some of the most popular wrapping machinery include: the spiral wrapping machine, the bending machine and the fold wrapping machine.

Spiral Wrapping Machine

These tightly wrap spiral film around the products in a series of turns. The product moves throughout the spiral wrapping machine as the device which feeds the PVC stretch metal spirals around it. Once wrapped, a tube of film is formed around it, which is cut by a blade at the end of the product. This style is ideal for wrapping long items like ladders.

Banding Machine

These basically wrap a band of material around a product and then seal it with glue or heat. The paper or film needs to be stiff or thick like high density polyethylene. Most banding machines utilise a single reel of heat seal-able paper or film up to 10cm wide. The product that needs to be wrapped is positioned with either a pusher and held stationery, or an in-feed conveyor. However, the downside of this process is that it’s really slow.

Fold Wrapping Machine

These machines utilise aluminium paper or foil around the product without any heat sealing. They are used where there’s a danger of heat damaging the product. However, they still achieve a tight-fitting wrap. Fold wrapping machines operate by passing products through a single sheet of paper or foil. Then, a series of tucking and folding operations take place, after which the product is wrapped. If speed is a concern, some fold wrapping machines utilise a turret which enables more than one folding operation to be performed at the same time.

The Circlip Tool: So Much More Than Pliers

The Circlip Tool: So Much More Than Pliers

When you have that special connection with your garage, there’s no limit to the number of tools (or rather, junk) that can find their way in unless you get a hold of organising the space. While there are certainly tools you can do without, the circlip tool isn’t one of them. (more…)

Cutting Discs: Thin But Mighty Tools with a Widespread Use

Cutting Discs: Thin But Mighty Tools with a Widespread Use

You know those ingenious tools created to be multi-purpose, thus save you effort, time, as well as money? Well, the angle grinders and stationary devices have something in common: the cutting discs. It’s these specific ingenious tools that have sparked my interest, particularly their widespread use, and you’re about to find important things there are to know about them by reading further through this post.

Their widespread use comes from their specific design, created to come in handy with cutting, and grinding a variety of materials, from wood, stone, and concrete, to the different types of metal alloys (e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, steel) among others, as well as with polishing. You can count on cutting discs being the tools that make for a valuable purchase because they were invented to allow for greater mobility, and ease of use when it comes to cutting or grinding materials, along with saving up your time and effort. (more…)

Owning a Chainsaw is Cool – The Modern Viking’s Tool

There are certain situation in the life of all homeowners when relying on professionals becomes redundant, and getting the tool for the job and learning some simple skills becomes the smart thing to do. This certainly goes for owning a decent chainsaw for when trees need to be trimmed or cut down and an ax just won’t make the cut (pun intended).

By getting your own chainsaw, you’ll not only be saving some bucks, since there are some pretty decent cheap chainsaws deals, especially online, but you’ll also be able to cut trees down into firewood and there’s no doubt there’s something Viking-like manly and exciting about that process. Now if you do feel finding cheap chainsaws deals is the right call for you, there are some important notes you need to keep in mind as to ensure you’re getting the right tool.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws are power and mobility match made in heaven. Ranging from light-duty to professional-grade, their pull-start and two-cycle engine brings the right amount of power in one’s hands. Regarding the fuel, you can mix it on your own or get a premixed can. With one of these, you can truly make a tree fall, be it large or small.


Electric chainsaws come in handy for small jobs such as pruning, trimming and some light cutting – when less power is required. They are very easy to start and maintain and are a lot quieter than gasoline-powered ones. There are both corded and cordless models of electric chainsaws. Cordless ones offer more mobility but the battery renders them heavier and limits the time of operation. The corded one, on the other hand are a little bit tricky since you have to make sure the cord is out of your way at all times.

How Not to Become a Part of the Chain of Chainsaw Fools

Beware of kickbacks! This means make sure the chainsaw doesn’t hit a solid object such as a nail or a rock. Also, since you cannot rely on your eyes 100% of the time, wearing protective gear is a must! Cutting things higher than your chest is also considered dangerous and while cutting you need to ensure you keep your body behind the engine and far from the blade. Regarding gasoline-powered chainsaws, you need to be careful not to start the chainsaw in the very spot where you fueled it since the sparks could ignite the gasoline.

How Did Fire Sirens Come About?

How Did Fire Sirens Come About?

Some things we take for granted until a disaster happens and we rely on them heavily. Example? Siren alarms. They’re devices that have saved millions of lives by alerting them about an upcoming danger. They’re used mainly for calling volunteer fire fighters, can serve as civil defense sirens and disaster announcers, alerting entire communities of impending danger. Most fire sirens are mounted on a pole next to the fire station or in the room. They can also be mounted near government buildings as well as tall structures in order to provide a clear alert. (more…)