While technology makes remote work more and more feasible, still, there are many things to be loved about working in an office. Being for eight hours with your colleagues can foster a feeling of togetherness – you are a team in this and probably there is always someone to go have lunch with. However, one thing that many office workers are complaining about is the lack of physical activity. Well, the truth is that such a sedimentary life can take a toll on your health. Going to the gym to exercise is a great way to address problems caused by sitting, but it might still not be quite enough to undo all those long hours. So what can one do?


Walk to/after Work

If you happen to live in big city, chances are that your work is far from your job and you either have to drive or take the public transport to get in and out of the office. One starting point to be more physically active is to increase the time you spend walking when commuting to work. For instance, if you ride the subway or the bus, you can get out at an earlier stop than the usual and walk the rest of the way. Or if you are driving, you can park the car at the far end of the parking lot. If there is the option to choose between the elevator and the stairs to get to your office, always pick the stairs.

woman commuting to work with vionic sneakers

When it comes to wearing the right pair of shoes that will support your feet when walking, it’s all about comfort. With today’s offices becoming more casual than they used to be in terms of the dress code, you might get away with wearing fashionable women’s sneakers for walking to/out and spending the day at the office. However, if you have a classic and feminine style and prefer wearing heels for many reasons (for instance you like the way they elongate your legs or because you are a petite woman) then you might still prefer shoes with heels. But heeled sandals don’t feel quite as comfortable on the pavement as opposed to carpeting. Although you don’t have to commute in what you’ll be wearing to work ( I know a few women that do this), the best type of commuting shoes are ones that work in the office as well — no quick-changes required.

vionic boots

Well, you would be happy to know that there are many shoe brands that make women’s shoes with heels that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Vionic walking shoes, for instance, have a thicker block heel of few centimetres which can give you a bit of height, but it’s easy on the foot and it won’t compromise your comfort while walking to work. These have a unique technology that supports your feet correctly for walking a longer distance, preventing foot pain and problems. Other things that set Vionic walking shoes apart are the straps that can be adjusted to fit your feet perfectly, the rubber outsole that grips the ground thus reducing the chances of you slipping and the lightweight EVA midsole that absorbs the shock with each step that you take. You will arrive at the office looking polished and feminine wearing your favourite type of shoe without your feet hurting.

From a fashion point of view, you can wear a pair of either black or tanned Vionic sandals with your favourite denim jeans and wrinkle-free tops and dresses to create the perfect commuting outfit.

Walk on Your Break

Another way you can add a bit of physical activity into your workday is to use your lunch break for taking a walk. Just a moderate walk of 30 minutes can help you cover around 2 kilometres and burn many calories, depending on how fast you walk. So, rather than sitting in the office and having your lunch at the desk, you can grab a coffee or something to eat on the go and walk around the office building on a sunny day. Again, this is only possible if you wear shoes that are very comfortable and stylish because who knows, you may run into someone you do not expect to see outside the office.

woman holding coffee cup while on a break

Although solo walking is great, you can invite a lunchtime walking buddy to join you. When you have a friend, it’s more likely that you will be more consistent in your walking – you can’t say no to a friend who is already ready to get going.