When ageing, one of the most common problems people deal within their homes is climbing the stairs. No matter how fast or slow one is climbing, this every day task can become daunting and dangerous as well. Fortunately, the days when commercial elevators were the only elevator option on the market are gone. Nowadays, people can enjoy the benefits of having residential elevators, ones that can be stylish and quality at the same time.

residential lifts

Generally speaking, the purpose of the residential lifts is to provide assistance to those with limited mobility and to create ease of access between floors. The best thing about them is that they can be installed both on new and existing construction. However, this isn’t the only thing to consider in order to reap as many benefits of installing an elevator of this kind as possible.


Long-term Thinking

Residental lifts

Since installing an elevator is for life, long-term thinking should be done before its installation. This means that one should think about their future needs, as no one is going to stay forever young. Arthritis and osteoporosis are some of the most common problem elderly people deal with, and unfortunately, sometimes the use of a wheelchair is inevitable. Precisely this is the reason why people should think ahead and if possible, to choose one from the many bigger residential lifts. Apart from this, children and pets can also contribute to the decision-making, which means that it’s better to think twice and cut once.

Choosing the Right Size


Just like with everything else, elevators do also come in a range of sizes. The standard size elevators are quite big and are ideal for those who have more free space. The glass or shaftless elevators, on the other hand, have specific designs and come in different sizes, which makes them more flexible. All these things make the glass elevator type ideal for homes with a more modern and contemporary design. The reason for their simpler yet attractive design is to fit better with almost any type of home, and since they’re flexible, the manufacturer can custom-design its doors to open in a way that benefits the layout of one’s home.

Consult with a Professional

residental lifts

The installation of home elevators is a complex procedure which should be done by professionals. Not only for meeting the safety codes, but also for accentuating its aesthetic qualities. When in doubt, one can consult with a professional in order to choose the right elevator size, but also for finding the right space for this new home addition.