One of the most important and unforgettable days in your life is your wedding day, your union of love celebrated with all the people that matter to you the most. You want it to be perfect, starting with your bridal gown, choosing the right wedding shoes, to the whole decor of the wedding reception and venue.

Since every detail matters, the whole process can become stressful for both of you and your partner. But don’t worry, with the following list you can easily find the right accessories wedding decor that can elevate any wedding style and make it much more memorable.


Wishing Well Box

When choosing your accessories wedding decor, make sure it fits your wedding theme. For example, if you don’t need anything and you’re planning to have a wishing well box, there are many designs such as wooden card boxes, white wooden wedding wishing well, clear acrylic wishing well boxes, white acrylic ones, and many others that you can choose. The clear wishing well boxes are becoming more and more popular because of their modern look. You can decorate them by placing some artificial garland around them with rose LED string lights on top.

clear wishing well wedding box

On the other hand, wooden boxes will fit better if you have a rustic style wedding. Whatever kind you choose, it will help your guests with the gift cards and put envelopes with money.

Add Some Artificial Greenery

Having artificial plants at your wedding can instantly elevate the look and create a warmer wedding ambient. For example, an artificial eucalyptus vine garland is the perfect basic decor that is very versatile. You can use a few of them to decorate the tables at the wedding reception, the chairs where you and your future hubby will be sitting, use them to create incredible photo booths, and of course, use as many as you need and wrap them around the wedding arch. Also, you can use artificial vine foliage and have a few of them hang nicely on the walls. You can combine both of them and decorate the guest chairs at the venue. Honestly, just let your creativity take over since there are many more ways you can use these artificial vine garlands.

wedding place decorated with greenery and vine foliage

Keep the Rain Away with a Clear Transparent Umbrella

You have to consider other things before picking any wedding decor. For example, everything is going according to plan except for the weather, something you have no control over. There is a high chance of rain on your wedding day. You start thinking of Alanis Morissette’s song: “It’s like rain on your wedding day…”

couple posing under clear transparent umbrella

Before you finish the lyrics in your head, you start panicking and rescheduling, which is impossible in most cases, especially being so close to the date. However, there is still a way to get through it in the best way possible – a clear, transparent umbrella. This wedding accessory will not only protect you from the rain, but you will also look amazing in your wedding photos with your future hubby, your bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Many poses will look amazing with different styles of umbrellas too. Maybe you want to add a pop of colour in your photos well holding some colourful umbrellas while kissing can do the trick. Nonetheless, if the guests need to walk to an uncovered area, make sure you get umbrellas for everyone.

Capture Fun Memories with Disposable Cameras

Depending on your budget and how much you are willing to go over it, disposable cameras are a great way to add more fun to your wedding reception, especially after the guests have had a couple of drinks. It is the perfect time for them to take hilarious photos of everyone. You usually put a disposable camera on each table with a list of what kind of photos you would like to see. Make it fun by encouraging them to take pictures of everyone at the table or when someone is not watching and dancing.

wedding disposable camera and lists for photos

However, one of the most important things is to remind your guests to put the flash on, or once you have the pictures developed, there will be a huge disappointment.

Make It Fun with Wedding Balloons

Balloons are great for decorating parties, so why not a wedding too? Everyone can enjoy it, especially the younger ones. Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can have “love” and Mr. & Mrs. helium balloons for the wedding photoshoot or have the first as decorations on your table. You can also decorate the venue with all white balloons. Another way to take stunning wedding pictures is by using a few Giant 90 cm clear heliums balloons. In the end, it all depends on your preferences and ideas. But, poping all of them is the best way to end the wedding party.

couple posing with mrs and mr wedding ballons

Favour Boxes for the Guests

Slowly but surely, the wedding party is coming to an end. The guests start leaving, and you can spot the wasted ones trying to sing when in reality, they only mumble. However, there is one part that no one can resist, and that is candy. Of course, after the cake. Honestly, who doesn’t love candy? That is why if you decide to include them, you should get some compelling favour boxes such as clear favour boxes, Bombonieres, bride and groom envelopes, enchanted carriage candy boxes, and others.

Make sure they have “thank you” printed on them. Another way to make your wedding date more memorable is by having your names and date printed on a paper attached to the favour box. Additionally, you can write some creative sayings or phrases that stick in their minds. These wedding accessories show your appreciation to the guests, and since they can take them home, they will turn into great memories.

To sum up, weddings can be stressful, leaving you exhausted from taking care of every little thing. But, remember you are not alone, and you can always get a hand from someone close. Everything will run smoothly, and you can finally breathe.