When it comes to home decor, the finishing touches are what create a personalised space that reflects your style and taste. Your project may have great ideas and the ideal design, but if it lacks some crucial finishing touches, it will fall flat. This applies to both the inside and the outside of your home and is even more crucial when it comes to the front of your house.

When driving up to a house, the first thing that most people notice is the front yard. So pay attention to the minor aspects listed below; getting these details right will result in a thoughtful, finished front yard that screams “Welcome.”


Cohesive Landscape

Cohesive landscape
source: viclandscaping.com

When I say landscaping, I’m not only talking about planting some flowers. It involves putting together a coherent appearance that matches your property. Consider symmetrical plants, different textures, and seasonal hues. Layers may be added to the flat front by using trees, bushes, and ground coverings. Remember that well-kept grass serves as the foundation for all other landscaping features.

When picking your plants, choose native species. They are climate-adapted, making them easier to maintain and attracting beneficial local animals such as birds and pollinators.

A Variety of Exterior Lighting

Exterior home lighting
source: cottagelifelighting.com

Outdoor lighting offers an easy way to highlight the architectural features of your house and illuminate your landscape. So, if you’re proud of the distinctive elements of your home, cast some light on them! Facades, exteriors, columns, and pillars distinguish a home. Archways, fountains, staircases, sculptures, landscaping, balconies, windows, and signage all play a role. Lighting strategically positioned will draw attention to these distinguishing features of your architecture and design.

To create a cosy ambiance, wall-mounted exterior light options are the way to go. To achieve a warm light, choose bulbs with a colour temperature of 2700K to 3000K. With a diffuser or dimmable light fixture, you’ll be able to alter the intensity and create the perfect ambience. Fixtures composed of warm-coloured metals come in a variety of styles.

Allow path lights to guide you across your yard after dark. In-ground or well-lights will make your pathway or walkway a focal point while also illuminating the path ahead, reducing the chance of tripping after the sun goes down. For these reasons, a pathway lighting system is not only appealing but also functional.

Another technique to enhance curb appeal and safety at night is to use downlighting. Downlighting, often known as recessed lighting, is put in the empty spaces in your ceiling. These lights help you identify obstructions and hazards in your yard. Place downlighting near your pathway, patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, entryway, or trees.

Your yard is an important aspect of not only the value of your property but also of your personality. You’ve worked hard to make it appear fantastic, so it only makes sense to present it in the best possible exterior light. The advantages of landscape and outdoor lighting range from beautiful to functional. Don’t let a lack of creativity limit the possibilities in your backyard.

A Front Door in a Bold Colour

Bold front door
source: southernliving.com

I know your home already has a front door, but what about making it stand out with bold colour? Many houses have side entrances or extended front facades that make visitors wonder where they are supposed to enter. Give them a strong clue by painting your door a bright colour that contrasts with the rest of your home’s colour design. Doors painted a different colour than the trim on the house are welcome and provide a far more visually intriguing front yard.

Convenient Railing

Installing a railing on your front porch is a simple way to improve it. This not only adds an aesthetic aspect to the front of your property but also makes it more accessible. Guests will have something to grasp when they ascend your porch stairs and pass through the entrance.

Shiny Letterbox

A worn-out letterbox, whether on the street or attached to your property, could give an unfavourable first impression. Replace your old letterbox with a new one to add curb appeal. As a final touch, place beautiful plants around the post.

New House Numbers

House numbers
source: etsy.com

With the range of address numbers available today, finding something interesting and classy is easier than ever. You could opt for custom numbers or choose one of the many styles available at home improvement stores. You can place your house numbers on the front fence, on the entryway column, on the side of your mailbox or even large boulder or upright flat rock in your front yard.

Small Pieces of Garden Art

Small garden art adds so much displayed on a porch or entryway or nestled into a garden. Think welcome signs, gazing balls, small statues and mosaic stepping stones tucked into corners of your garden. Visitors have to basically get near to view them, making them joyful discoveries.

Remember that little details go a long way. Unless your aim is to have an over-the-top artsy front yard, limit your garden art to a few well-chosen pieces to complement rather than compete with the surroundings.