Whether we like it or not, working from home has become the new normal. Although at the beginning working from the kitchen island or dining table seemed a reasonable solution, creating a home office can significantly improve your working experience. Being able to completely isolate yourself from your family while still feeling like working from a real office is quite possible in the comfort of your home. That is why creating an ergonomically friendly and stress-free home office is crucial. Your well-being, health, work focus and motivation are important, so you should certainly create a pleasant home working ambience. Here are a few important pieces to include.


Spine Supportive Chair

spine supporting chair
source: cosyoffices.com

Wearing a shoulder brace can certainly help you improve your posture and reduce any pain you might be feeling, but making sure to prevent and get rid of this pain is more important. The ideal way for this to be done is with the help of ergonomic furniture, or, to be more precise, with an ergonomic chair. Practice shows that premium ergonomic furniture, like the proper chair, can support the natural S-curve of the back which is essential especially if you spend hours at your desk each day. Choosing a chair that has lumbar support can certainly prevent or put an end to the back pain that you might’ve been feeling.

Height Adjustable Desk

compact pneumatic height adjustable standing desk
source: wayfair.com

The general rule for desk/keyboard work is to have your arms and wrists in a neutral position. In order to reduce strain, they need to be positioned parallel to the floor or a little bit angled down toward your lap. Given the fact that typical desks are about 70 – 75cm high, not all people can be comfortable while working on them. So, the ideal solution for this problem would be investing in a height-adjustable office desk that can be used by several users. Plus, these desks allow for easier switching between sitting and standing which is another benefit.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard
source: forbes.com

Today’s ergonomic keyboards are all about giving your hands and wrists rest from the constant strain and pain that results from traditional keyboards. These are adjustable and can be split so that your hands are shoulder-width apart and your shoulders relaxed without being hunched. Besides this, there are many other keyboards from which you can choose, giving you the freedom to find the one that will meet your personal needs.

Good Lighting

office lighting
source: benq.com

While height-adjustable desks are ideal for setting the monitor height at the right eye level, ergonomic experts state that eye strain can also be obtained from poor lighting. Poor lighting can also affect your productivity and mood which can lead to feeling stressed. So, besides having as much as possible natural light in your home office, adding the right overhead and task lights can also contribute to experiencing less eye strain. This, on the other hand, will improve your productivity and mood which will also reduce and even prevent any possible stress.

Add Greenery With Modern Planters

grey chair at desk with plant in bright home office
source: goodhousekeeping.com

Bringing a touch of nature to your home office can change the entire ambience in this part of your home. It’s not a secret that indoor plants can purify the air, increase the humidity in your office as well as your productivity, so adding them to your office is more than understandable. Being in an office while still being in touch with nature will not only rest your eyes but it’ll also improve your productivity. And when paired with modern planter boxes, you will literally get the best of both worlds – a stress-free and stylish environment.

Speaking of appealing modern planter boxesyou can benefit even more by investing in self-watering planters. Today’s planters of this kind are all about incorporating style, quality and convenience all-in-one. Hence, by investing in one of these planters, you’ll cut down the watering time which is one of the first things why people love them. By filling in the ‘secret’ built-in reservoir with water, you can literally forget to water your plants for at least two weeks or even more. 

Plus, the appealing neat, simple and sleek design will not only elevate the look of your office but will also help you to rest your eyes from the monitor. Taking little breaks from work for at least five minutes and several times a day has proven as an excellent way to improve your productivity and state of mind.