With spring already on its way, there’s no better time for bringing a breath of fresh air to your home. This doesn’t only mean you should open your windows more often and have air circulate, but spark up some changes to your interior design as well. You do so with your wardrobe whenever a new season is about to arrive, so why not do the same with your home? When it comes to getting in the decorating game, you don’t have to spend an endless amount of money to be able to achieve something striking. Surprisingly, you can do this with the help of details as they can make a world of difference.

When you want to create something memorable, you have to be daring enough and let your inner creative genie out. Considering it’s all about trends nowadays, one minute you see a trend and by the time you let it enter your life, it’s already a thing of the past. However, there are certain styles that have withstood the test of time and are still very much popular. Imagine the things you can do for your interior décor by playing with the beauty of vintage. Since industrial vintage is a perfect blend to begin with, you can add some details if you’re not up for implementing a whole industrial look.


Light duty shelving can be your biggest ally as there are plenty of models in different sizes to help you keep your space organised. You’d be surprised of all the decorating ideas you’re going to get once you add shelves; from using it as a library and indoor garden, to showcasing your collectibles. Light duty shelving units are long-lasting, affordable and they won’t give you any trouble with the assembly part. You’ll see it’s money well spent because the units are multi-use as they can also be part of your kitchen, office or even bathroom for placing all the essentials.

Once you’re done with the storing, you can pay more attention to the lighting. With such a vast variety of lighting fixtures, vintage lighting is the way to go to further amplify the style. Whatever catches your eye is sure to be the perfect addition to setting the nostalgic vibe of the beauty of life from a bygone era. With the charm of a wire caged light or tripod lamp, you can bet the outcome is going to be harmonious with a warm toned ambiance.

Relying on art is always the right step, but why not get something that has both an artistic and functional value? Instead of opting for more paintings for instance, try to find the mirror that speaks to you and your home the most. Mirrors have a visual role in the interior, working as art themselves through reflections and the exquisiteness of the frames – be they simple or rich in embellishments, including making a certain space look bigger. Besides, nothing can replace the brief me-time checking yourself out right before you head out, so you’ll thank yourself later you made that purchase.