Hello, fellow retro lovers! From vintage cars to retro fashion – there’s no way you could go wrong with styles that are well-known and already proven to look good. But it’s not that we the lovers of old stuff lack a certain creative touch, quite the opposite – it takes inovativeness to be able to bring back something old and forgotten and make it work appropriately to today’s standards. When furnishing my first home, I tried to do just that; use up all the best décor pieces of the last century to make something unique and fascinating. When my mum, a proud member of the hippie movement, came to visit my newly fitted home, she couldn’t hold back her excitement about how everything reminded her of her youth. Especially the well-selected lighting.

And oh, the time I put in coming up with my lighting design. Contrary to the logical step to go and dig through the piles of lamps on antique markets, I went for a more convenient approach – browse the wide array of retro interior lamps on the Australian online market. Suspicious antique lamps can break down at any instant. However a new lamp with a certain retro touch will prove to be more durable and powerful concerning brightness, and we know how important is to properly light up a place. I found out that in a retro home like mine, there are two types of lighting that work best – table lamps and floor lamps.

If you want to go minimalist, a cute little retro style table lamp can add just the right amount of spark. Table lamps do not make a big difference in illuminating a room, but oh, the charm and warmth can they bring to a place! Scandinavian design lamps are the ultimate combination of retro and simplicity. Choosing one in a blue or yellow for your bedroom table will spice it up without disturbing too much the overall relaxed atmosphere a bedroom should have. But table lamps can also be a nice living room addition. Designs with recycled or reused materials, such as aged brass can look really sophisticated and can bring you more points if you’re trying to create an eco-friendly home.

Besides table lamps, another type of retro lighting are eye-catching floor lamps. For decades obsessed with geometry like the 60s-90s, floor lamps were the ultimate choice of living room lighting solutions. The over-the-sofa lamps, featuring a large but graceful swoop, were especially popular in the 1970s. There are even upright pedestal based types, which are designed to allude to the microphones of old jazz stars. I personally added a swooping floor lamp over my living room couch. Besides being a nice retro-inspired addition, it also made for just the perfect reading light, shining directly on the book reader, without disturbing anyone else around.

Interior lamps are perhaps the only vintage feature that can be incorporated in a contemporary-styled home as well. Vintage style lamps, specifically the ones with more of a 60s-90s feel and not antique looking, can also perfectly fit in more modern spaces. This is because the era before the 2000 was largely futuristic-orientated and promoted heavy use of floor lights. When you try to incorporate these in a modern design living room, you can instantly see that they fit in even better than ceiling lights do.