It can get really tricky decorating your home in today’s world, with so many styles to choose from, and so many beautiful home decorations, furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and so on, easily available to us. Luckily, not everything has to be so hard. If you are someone who loves everything retro, someone who appreciates the classic and the ageless, and if adding a vintage vibe to your home is something you are considering, you can do it easily and you don’t really need to spend too much time or money.

And, more than that, your home doesn’t have to be designed in some more traditional or classic style. On the contrary, a touch of vintage can add style and class even to modern or contemporary styled homes.  And, regardless of whether you are renovating your home completely, or you simply want a small change, with just a few pieces or small changes, you can transform your home into a timeless piece of art. 


Brighten Your Home with Vintage Industrial Lighting

Illumination is one of the best ways to influence a room, not only with the brightness, the colour of the light, the shadows, the light composition but also with the lighting fixtures themselves. And one very edgy and unique way to add a vintage vibe through illumination is to install industrial pendants in your home.

It’s no secret that the industrial style is related to brick walls, big, opened spaces, and it has a certain cold feeling about it, as it is inspired by factories, workshops and other industrial spaces. That said, its furniture pieces, decorations, and the overall décor mainly consist of neutral colours and simple, natural, bare-looking, raw materials, such as wood, metal, stone, glass etc. Nevertheless, pieces, such as pendant lighting fixtures, inspired by this style are often used by homeowners and interior designers alike to bring in some vintage warmth in contemporary homes. 

industrial pendants

Like the other elements of the style, generally, industrial pendants are often made of some type of exposed metal, in black, white or the colour of the metal. This of course makes them look old-fashioned, but with today’s tendency to opt for the minimalist, they are also quite contemporary. Moreover, their simplicity and the lack of unnecessary details and embellishments, don’t stop them from being very elegant and stylish, on the contrary. And this is another reason why they go so well in contemporary homes. On top of that, despite their simple designs, they can be very subtle and minimalist, or they can be very striking, and you can choose your fixtures according to what you desire to achieve with your space. 

Industrial style pendant lighting can fit right in with any décor, and you can use it as the only vintage-looking piece in your home, or you can combine them with other vintage objects, including well-chosen rugs, tablecloths, artworks, vintage decorations, etc. 

Add Elegance with a Vintage Backdrop

Wallpapers have come a long way since the old days, and nowadays the choices are quite incredible. This has made them a very popular way to cover walls in today’s homes, and even though they can be used to cover all of the interior walls in a room, or even in the entire home, nowadays they are often used to give the room some character, to create feature walls, to decorate dull corners or even furniture, etc. However, there are a lot of people that still consider wallpapers to be old fashioned. And, while this simply isn’t true, this gives vintage wallpaper designs the ability to add that warm, cosy, and trendy old-timey vibe to a contemporary home.

vintage wallpaper

As a matter of fact, mixing elements of different styles can allow you to create some very beautiful and eye-catching effects, and a retro wallpaper can be the perfect backdrop for a modern décor, or for the simple, minimalist, functionality-oriented elements of a contemporary home. Of course, you don’t have to cover your entire home for this, and not only because these designs often feel very busy, and can overwhelm the room, and make it feel stuffed and cluttered, and frankly a little psychedelic, but also because in small doses, they will look much more current and sophisticated.

Instead, you can purchase vintage wallpaper for a small wall, or part of a wall in your living room, your bedroom, the entryway etc., and mix it with modern or contemporary furniture pieces, decorations, lighting fixtures, etc. If an entire feature wall, however big or small seems too risky to you, to make a different, more subtle kind of vintage impact on the room, you can also use these cool retro designs to decorate the back of a bookshelf, or cover another piece of furniture, partly or entirely. 

Go Bigger

industrial furniture

Old refurbished furniture pieces or new ones with a vintage look, artworks, retro decorations, repurposed vintage objects etc., are also a great option for the vintage vibe you are going for. However, if you decide to go down that road, you should be careful to not overdo it, and avoid adding too many retro pieces to an otherwise modern or contemporary looking home. Instead, incorporate one nice piece of retro furniture, smaller pieces of decorative items, or a retro wall art print or painting.