Roaring back in its full splendour, tons of colours and designs, wallpaper is no longer considered a relic of another era. There are a couple of reasons for that as a matter of fact – it can transform the look of a room in a matter of seconds in ways you could not possibly imagine if you were considering paint. Nevertheless, given its cost and the fact that it will cover a huge amount of space in your room regardless whether you choose to dress the entire room with it, a few walls or only one, it is a must that you leave the installation in the hands of experienced professionals. This way you’ll be rest assured that everything will look as good as possible, plus, you will save your time and nerves and instead spend your time thinking about the rest of the interior design scheme if you’re changing other things as well. Now let’s get to work and help you find great deals of wallpaper rolls for sale in a pattern you will be able to live with and will never get sick and tired of looking at.


Collect copies until you find your inspiration

Here’s a great idea – start collecting photos of rooms in which you love the wallpaper style. There are many ways to do it – you can snap photos from cafe’s and restaurants that you’re visiting, download some from interior design websites, or clip them from magazines. After that, see what they all have in common and whether a pattern emerges. Do you like more floral patterns more geometric ones? Are the wallpapers you’ve chosen more bold or subtle? Realizing that there are a few themes that run through the photos you’ve chosen will help you narrow down your choices and pick your design easier.

What’s your goal?

Why do you want to go with a certain pattern of wallpaper? What kind of ambiance do you wish to set up? What do you hope to achieve with it? Add texture and warmth, add depth, or maybe soften the architectural edges? And more importantly, how do you want it to make you feel? Relaxed? Glamorous? Happy and optimistic? You won’t be wrong whatever it may be. Good vibes only.

Keep it real and subtle or wild and bold?

This mostly depends on your personality and which style you enjoy more. Plus, consider whether you want to frequently change the rest of the elements in your space and re-arrange the furniture. If that is your case, then your safest bet is to stick with a wallpaper that is subtly patterned so that you can keep your matching options open in future. On the other hand, if you wish to express your individual style and are not afraid to go bold, then choose wallpaper that will be really noticeable and dress two opposing walls in the room with it, or just one which will act as the focal point. But don’t chicken out and choose wallpaper that is too subtle for the picture you have already created in your mind. Stick to it or you will totally miss the point. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Get a sample and live with it

This step is of huge importance. Before you shop for a couple of wallpaper rolls for sale in the pattern you’ve set your heart on and feels totally “you”, get a sample of it. Tape it to the wall in the room where you want to hang it and leave it there for a while. This will help you see whether it matches your furniture and the rest of the fabrics in the room and how it looks like at different times of the day. It will also give you an idea of how it will look like from other rooms which is quite important if you plan on creating just an accent wall. So, take a step back and take a look into that room. Is the piece of wallpaper on the accent wall a pleasant surprise or an eye sore?