Men like universality in their clothing, they like practical, versatile wardrobes they won’t spend too much time thinking about before they get on with their day. Those who work in an office, or have a specific profession that requires a uniform, have that one scratched out of the outfits they need to put together. But, every man needs a presentive look when they go for lunch, a date, dinner party, family gathering, sports events, school meeting for their kids, etc. So today we’re going to look into different looks, styles and ideas for the minimalist but also the modern man


Practicality Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Men’s Shirt with Half-Button Front

A comfortable cotton shirt in dark earthy tones is something any man must own in his wardrobe. The half button front makes a great look that could be worn for formal events also, especially when worn under a suit jacket. Or, this could be the centrepiece of a more casual look if combined with a cardigan sweater. And when you wear it just by itself, this thick long sleeve cotton shirt with two buttoned chest pockets will perfectly match blue jeans. Bottom line is, you can’t go wrong by buying western mens shirts.

men wearing half button front western shirt

Moleskin Shirt with Full Buttoned Front

Moleskin is one of the best fabrics you can wear in cold weather. This classic shirt makes a perfect combo with jeans or warm cords when the weather is cold. Wear it whether layered over a long-sleeve t-shirt, underneath a suede jacket or alone. The additional accessory that can shine through here could be a leather western-style belt or buttons in contrasting colours to the shirt.

men wearing moleskin western shirt with full buttoned front

Classic Flannelette Shirt

If you maybe have enough of the one-colour shirts and need something to switch it up a bit, there is another style of western mens shirts and that’s the flannelette shirt. Usually in a combination of three to four different shades of red, brown, blue, green or grey, this is a fun shirt to wear to casual events or dates. Looks especially stylish when combined with light brown pants and dark brown or black leather shoes. If you’re considering a jacket, you really can’t go wrong with denim. Add a watch, maybe a subtle piercing and you’re ready for a night out in town.

men wearing classic western flannelette shirt

Long Sleeve White (or Black) Shirt

This is one of the absolute must-haves for any man (and woman, for that matter). Even if you’re not big on attending ceremonies, high-end red carpet events, ie or no tie, there still will be a time when you need a sharp, classic look so make sure you have the right shirt that goes with your classic black suit. Other than formalities, work interviews and such, this shirt will be a no-brainer pick with any pants just because of their universality and clean look. And don’t forget about the details. A masculine silver bracelet or classic silver watch will be what ties this impression together.

men waering long sleeve white shirt and  relaxed leg trousers

Relaxed Leg Trousers

For the man who is not a fan of the skinny leg trend, why not go for relaxed trousers? Dating back to the ‘50s this legwear has proven to stand the test of time and looks even better each decade. They provide a great foundation to create an informal, comfortable outfit, from a hoodie to a sweater or cardigan, you’ll want to wear these every day. When in doubt, get them in dark grey or green. Both of these colours are neutral and fun to have as an option besides your everyday sportswear or jeans.

Suede Cowboy Leather Jacket

Now, this might not have been the jacket to think of when going for a minimalist, laid back outfit, but this is the jacket you want to have when looking for a chick jacket that can work with almost any combination. Just a regular white shirt underneath or a western ruby-red long-sleeved shirt, navy blue jeans and you have a look worth taking photographs of and blogging about. The key to minimalism is to have pieces that are universal and easy to combine with the rest of your combination. And a cowboy jacket has just enough of the fashionable edginess you want to have in your wardrobe, so it’s everything but boring.

Your Minimalist Outfit’s Details


A man should always have a universal pair of shoes in black, navy or brown. Nothing too crazy, these shoes should be comfortable, neutral, durable and easy to clean and maintain. If you need a pair for everyday use, you can’t go wrong with a pair of leather sneakers and keep your western-inspired cowboy boots for a night out and festivities of any sort.

black, brown and white leather sneakers for men


A great rule of thumb is to always have a black leather belt handy to combine with your clothing. Another universal accessory is a brown or beige belt. If everything else is in one colour, you don’t have to do the same with your belt. There are many flattering options of leather belts with minimalist hand-made patterns that can complement your outfit just perfect.

simple leather brown belt


What makes a good scarf is mostly its material. Make sure it isn’t made of anything that will irritate your skin but is still doing its job of keeping you warm. At least its inner layer should be made of, for example, cotton, and the outside can be wool if you’re trying to keep extra warm. For extra fashion points, it’s preferable that your scarf is in the same spectrum as the colour of your shoes, and even better if it’s contrasting your jacket. In that way, you’re creating a layered outfit that makes for a handsome look.