Looking for a gift for an army member can be a daunting task as we all know they sacrifice so much for our country and deserve something amazing. There is no limit to the amount of gratitude deserved by the members of the military. Finding a special gift for a military graduate or retirement from someone who has never served can be a real challenge.

Military members can be tricky to buy for, so you may want to carefully look at gifts to honour these great men. To help you, the following military gift ideas are always a great choice to surprise the brave hero in your life no matter the occasion.



army collectables
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Whether you are choosing a gift for someone who is joining the military, has been serving for a while or is a veteran, you can find a wide range of military memorabilia and select a meaningful and beautiful item. There is a variety of items you can choose from, including badges, bracelets, lapel pins, pens, notebooks, candles, bags, plush toys, earrings and bracelets.

Any of these items is a nice way to share your respect for history and the army and show the military person your appreciation and gratitude for their service. They are designed to honour army members for their service and are a great way to pay tribute to anyone who’s served in the Australian Defence Force.

For us Australians, the Red Poppy has a special meaning and we wear it every November on Remembrance Day when we salute the memory of those who sacrificed their strength, health and lives for our freedom. It’s in the memory of the soldiers who rest in Flanders’ Fields and the cause for which they laid down their lives.

Another important day on the Australian calendar is the 25th of April or ANZAC Day. It’s a day of commemoration and it marks the first big military battle fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in the First World War. It’s a significant occasion on both sides of the Tasman Sea and salutes the memory of Australian and New Zealand military personnel who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

But it’s not only Remembrance Day or ANZAC Day that should remind us to cherish our proud heritage and honour military members. By choosing military memorabilia as a gift, you can show them how proud you are to have them in your life and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Army Medal Case

army medals
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A medal case is a great choice for an army person, especially a veteran as they can use it to showcase their medals and it can easily take up a place of honour in their home. A quality and well-designed medal case can easily become a valuable representation of the family heritage and a testament to personal achievement and a successful military career.

It protects the medals that come in different shapes and sizes. The purpose of an army medal case is to store and display a collection of medals, but also it has an easily removable case back that makes them easily accessible for occasional use. There are many different options you can choose from, including small, medium and large medal cases.

A medal collection can be displayed in different ways and it mainly depends on the taste and personal preferences of the recipient. It’s always a good idea to know the number of medals they have, so you can choose a display case that will fit them all.

Ceremonial Sword

When it comes to military gifts, this is a great collectable and can be used as an addition to the uniform. You can choose from a wide collection of swords, from the army to air force ceremonial swords. Look for ceremonial swords made to the exact specifications of the Australian Defence Force and if you want to complement your choice, add some accessories, such as stands, knots and scabbards.

Military Coin Display Case

Interestingly, many military members collect coins as they receive challenge coins for various accomplishments. The collection can grow in a short time and a military coin display can be a great gift idea to help them showcase their coin collection.

Flag Display Case

A flag display case is one of the most common gift choices for veterans, military retirees or those about to retire soon. It’s a traditional military gift, a beautiful way to display the flag and honour their service.

Assignment/Deployment Map

If your military member has been assigned at different places, an assignment or deployment map can help them commemorate their career and proudly show every place they’ve been to.

Military Toys

army toys
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Military toys are some of the most iconic toys you can find out there. They have been around for centuries as something that has been marketed at kids became a much more adult-centric kind of thing. They are military-inspired gifts that can be found in different shapes and sizes and can easily turn into a serious hobby for those who pay close attention to details and accuracy.

A military toy is a nice and interesting way to make history alive again. A well-chosen military toy can be an inspiration for collecting more toys that can be passed down to future generations.