Ever since theaters appeared, people have become hooked on them. Just the thought of going to the theater evokes pleasant feelings and makes us think happy thoughts. Exciting, isn’t it? The theater represents entertainment, the perfect relaxing pastime activity and that’s why we love it so much; it’s a thing of essence in these pressed-for-time modern lifestyles that we have.

The thing is, we don’t always have the time to go to one of the theaters nearby, because there are those of them that make us end up stuck in a traffic jam so we lose even more time trying to go back home. Sometimes, theaters can be rather crammed too, but instead of giving up on theater altogether, if you want to make the most of the experience consider getting a home theater sofa and turn your own home into a theater.

Having in mind most of these sofas can be found made of leather, they are sure to bring a luxurious feel in your home, and an unmatched comfort perfect to be paired with the joy of watching your favourite shows, soaps, films, documentaries or sports events. The extra comfort also comes in the form of cup holders and hidden storage.

Of course, to be able to choose a home theater sofa well, there are things you’d have to pay attention to. For instance, many of the sofas offer utmost comfort by providing the reclining position as well, but before you decide to get one of those, think well whether your room can allow all that space.

You’d want to ensure proper movement to and fro, so there has to be at least 75cm of space for walkways, and 50cm between seats (fully reclined) for people to easily get to the theater and walk away. Since you won’t have much of a trouble finding high quality theater sofas online, you’d be able to check their sizes quickly and do the math in a matter of seconds as to the room’s space requirements so you get the idea if your desired sofa can be a match for you.

Other things to have in mind are the placement of the seats which is closely related to the viewing angle (the allowed is 36-50 degrees) that’s right up to the vision field, and in a similar notion, the distance with the surround speakers has to be about 120cm.

In case your space allows for more than one of these sofas so you want to create rows, it’s best to consider the clear view screen for every viewer. You can make this
possible for the rows behind by making a raised platform.

Now that you have these things in mind, get on the quest for the ideal sofa, measure up, choose the things you’d love to watch with loved ones, and start making the popcorn. It’s theater time!