We all want our homes to be as unique and as interesting as possible. With the advances and improvements in the interior design industry, there are so many different items we can use to decorate our homes that choosing the proper ones can get overwhelming. From coffee tables and lamps to wallpapers, art, and more – the only thing left for you is to pick your preferred style.

But before continuing with all the different furnishings and accessories, painting the walls in the right colour or adorning them with wallpaper is a great starting point for your interior design project.


Getting Started: Brick Wallpaper

brick wall

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There are multiple ways to turn a blank wall into a masterpiece and focal point, one of which being wallpaper. Peaking in the middle of the last century and still going strong today, there are different types of wallpaper available for all the different types of home decor styles, however, brick wallpapers seems to be stealing the show. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate it into your home.

Create an Accent Wall

accent wall brick

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An accent wall can be used by itself or to amplify the look of something else within the space, like a fireplace, a designated reading space, a seating area where you entertain guests, and so on. A high-quality brick wall wallpaper can instantly spruce up your space and make it more inviting. Used by many to create their very own focal point, brick wallpaper can be found in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and any other space you think needs a bit of spice and character.

With many different options to choose from, you have complete liberty when it comes to the style and you can coordinate your brick wall wallpaper with the rest of your interior. For example, if you have a vintage-styled home, anything with deep browns and reds will do well. A brick wallpaper with an old brown or red brick motif is one choice you can look into. Very 3D-looking, it will add depth to your space and will further the impression a vintage home gives off.

A more sleek, monochrome type would be great for the modern, contemporary-styled home as it will blend in with everything while still adding character. White, grey, black, maroon, deep teal – they’re all wonderful options. If you’d like something a bit more colourful, going with a modernized version of the old brick wall is one idea. Thinner vertical or horizontal bricks in colour combinations like deep orange and grey, subtle purple and grey, or rose and grey will give you just the right pizzaz you’re looking for.

Cover All Walls

brick wall

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Covering all four walls in brick wallpaper might be a bit of a challenge for many. If you’re determined, however, here are a few pointers on how to go about it to achieve the best look.

First thing’s first – you’re going to need a room that’s not too small or you’re risking suffocating the space with the pattern of your wallpaper, rendering it both an eyesore and an uncomfortable room to be in. The whole point of using brick style wallpaper is to make the home more attractive and add warmth to it, so this is quite counterproductive.

A room with high ceilings and quite a bit of space to it will do great. As for the type of wallpaper, you can go with either natural stone bricks or regular ones. Both options will look great and will give the room exactly what it needs. However, make sure the pattern doesn’t feature bricks that are too small or too big as this will definitely look confusing. Instead, go for something featuring medium-sized bricks of any colour.

This way, you’ll add depth and character to your space while still having everything look sleek and put together instead of overcrowded and overbearing. Rooms completely covered in wallpaper don’t need complicated decor and furniture pieces, so keep those simple and unobtrusive.

Create an Accent Piece


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An accent piece is very different from an accent wall and the two should not be confused. An accent piece is just that – a piece of wallpaper placed on a wall with the intention of creating a geometric shape that will serve as art on its own. An accent wall, on the other hand, covers the whole wall with wallpaper and prepares it for adding the accenti pieces later.

Accent pieces work wonderfully well on coloured walls, so make sure to choose a nice shade before applying your brick wallpaper accent piece. As for the shape of your piece, you can tap into your imagination and choose whichever one you’d like. From a simple circle or square to more complicated shapes – everything will do as long as it’s synchronized with the rest of the room. Make sure to colour-coordinate and choose a wallpaper that will complement the already-existing colour on your wall, and vice-versa.

There are many interesting options around so do some research, it will definitely be worth it!