Ergotron Standing Desk: Improve Your Productivity at Work

Ergotron Standing Desk: Improve Your Productivity at Work

There is a reason behind the experts’ saying: “Sitting is the new smoking” . In the course of thousands of years, humans as a species evolved to have bodies designed to move. It’s only in the last century that office jobs have been around, and our bodies haven’t been able to adapt to the new sedentary lifestyle that fast.

Beautiful office women working while standing Ergotron

Sedentary work can be extremely unhealthy if it is not handled the right way. According to research, the average office worker spends 15 hours a day sitting. And while it’s important to have an ergonomic office chair, spending such an amount of time sitting can still be risky for your health. Obesity, heart diseases, depression, anxiety and other physical and mental health issues are just some of the side-effects of sedentary work. In fact, it is scientifically proven that sitting for too long can increase your risk of death, no matter if you exercise, or not.

So, if you’re part of us, the office people, and already concerned for your health, you need to find ways to stand and move more while still being productive and finishing your work on time. And introducing an ergonomic upgrade like the Ergotron adjustable height desk can be the perfect solution for you.

How Can an Ergotron Adjustable Height Desk Improve Your Overall Health?

Ergotron Europe women working standing in the office

There are more than enough health benefits of the Ergotron sit-stand workstation for you to start considering one immediately.

For one, the desk is perfect for promoting standing. Once you’re fed up or feeling the discomfort of sitting, you can easily convert your tabletop into a sit-stand workstation. Standing while working helps reduce back pain and eliminate the pressure on your lower back and your neck. As a result, the Ergotron standing desk improves your general posture.

While standing, you also move your body more which activates your muscle-mass and helps burn more calories. It’s a clever way to passively burn that sandwich you ate for breakfast while working, you have to agree. Doesn’t burning calories and feeling comfortable while working seem great? I didn’t lie when I told you that a sit-stand desk can improve your mood instantly. Imagine having one!

But while standing is definitely healthier than sitting, it can still be painful and cause sore feet. Nowadays, most offices allow a more casual dress code and give their employees the freedom to dress more comfortable. So, you have the freedom to choose shoes that support your feet. However, there are still ladies that want to have a more sophisticated style for the office and wear high heels which can be uncomfortable.

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If you’re that kind of lady, don’t worry, the experts already handled it for you. You can still keep your refined style by wearing your favourite high heels and feel comfortable while working at your Ergotron standing desk. The desk allows you to switch from a standing to a sitting position in an instant once you feel your feet are tired or sore. And with the addition of a durable anti-fatigue mat, you can stand even longer, despite wearing your most uncomfortable shoes. I am sure your legs will be happy!

And while using an Ergotron adjustable height desk can improve your health overall, there are a lot more benefits of using one, which leads us to the next part.

Fit for Every Office

You were wondering how to use that cute empty corner of your office you stare at while writing countless reports on your laptop? Well, the Ergotron desk is specifically made to fit small and awkward spaces. So, you can simply fill up that corner with such a desk, carry your laptop over there and make the most of it.

fixed desk ergotron desk

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be stationed 24/7 at that very same corner. The Ergotron workstations are mobile and can be easily carried wherever you want to work at the moment. This way, you’re able to enjoy the window view, shift between rooms while working or studying, or simply carry the workstation to the brightest part of your office. Changing positions is a great way to boost your productivity and stay focused.

In addition, these workstations are perfect for every type of office. If you’re a dentist, or a doctor looking for a way to stay active while filing paperwork, don’t hesitate to get yourself an Ergotron laptop cart with antimicrobial and rear storage. This type of workstation is specially made for the healthcare industry, containing every feature a health provider needs – it is easily mobile and lightweight, and the surface is easy to clean. You can clean and disinfect it often, and with that, get rid of the concerns of catching bacteria, or a virus.

Essential Equipment for Your Home

Essential equipment, you read that right. If your home was the only place you could relax after a rough day at work, things have changed. The Covid-19 pandemic affected our work habits and moved our jobs straight into our homes. If you’re part of this group, the least you can do for your well-being is providing yourself with a decent space to work from home. A simple Ergotron adjustable desk will ease the difficulties of lack of space, the constant shifting from work to home chores throughout the day and dealing with your kids while writing documents and reports.

Happy women using Ergotron in office while working

A sit-stand workstation can allow you to multitask efficiently without feeling physical fatigue. This way, you can always have the energy to get the doorbell, or deal with your kids’ snacks or toys requests, without constantly repeating “Not again.” in your head. Being constantly disrupted is irritating. You can now at least eliminate the “I found a comfortable spot, just when I need to stand up” moment by getting yourself an Ergotron workstation. Combined with an anti-fatigue mat, it’s the best gift you can give to your body and your feet. They will be grateful forever.

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There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a shower after a long day at work or a heavy training session. Being in hot water effectively helps relieve body tension and can help soothe muscle fatigue. According to the National Geographic Channel, the average person takes more than 28,000 showers in a lifetime. That’s a lot of showers, right?

Garden Furniture: Choosing the Right Materials

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Your choice of garden furniture is important, as you’re probably going to spend a lot of time on it, relaxing during the hot summer days. So, you’re probably looking for comfortable styles and fabrics, while still keeping in mind the maintenance need of the furniture.

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Wall art is a popular decorating tool. It can involve anything from canvases to framed wall prints, paintings and other creative artistic embellishments that hang on a wall. Your choice of wall art can enhance the appearance of your home or office and add aesthetics to it. Art is a great way to spark some dialogue among the people in the space which can further make them more comfortable to share their impressions, thoughts and ideas.


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Vinyl Floors: All the Perks and None the Hustle

Vinyl Floors: All the Perks and None the Hustle

If you are remodelling your home or building a new one, you will be faced with a lot of complex decisions. Since every room is important and the floor is its base, you will need to find a solution that ticks all boxes: appeal, functionality, ease of maintenance. Luckily, there is a way to get all that without breaking the bank – installing vinyl flooring.

What is Residential Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a very popular option among homeowners nowadays. It is durable, water-and-stain resistant, economical and yet attractive. It comes in several forms: vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks.

Vinyl Sheets

Sheet vinyl flooring is a large singe roll of flooring that you need to unroll, cut to size and glue it to your subfloor. It is usually used in high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

vinyl sheets flooring for living room


Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles consist of individual squares in different sizes which makes them very easy to install.

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks look like hardwood floors but they are more affordable, offer greater stain resistance and are much easier to maintain. Do not forget the luxury vinyl plank flooring which is known to be more durable than other vinyl floors and it can be installed over existing floors.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Diverse Designs

Choosing flooring for home can be a complex task when it comes to picking the right design. Vinyl flooring offers a rich palette of colours and designs. If you want the flooring in your kitchen to look like expensive hardwood at a lower cost, vinyl is the right choice. It can look exactly like tile, hardwood or stone or any other design that you like.

It comes in a range of hues, so you can cover your kids’ room with pink vinyl flooring, yellow or blue or whatever colour they prefer. Furthermore, there are hundreds of different designs that can perfectly fit in your home’s interior design. If you are more into classic interiors, you can choose a vinyl floor that looks like hardwood. If you like to add a classy touch, use marble look vinyl flooring. Let your imagination guide you – rest assured you can find the ideal vinyl flooring design for your dream home.

modern living room with sofa bed and vintage chair with cushions and throws and vinyl flooring


Premium Quality Options

When choosing residential vinyl flooring, make sure to choose a company with long years of experience in producing flooring for home that can guarantee the quality and sustainability of its products. Vinyl flooring is made of flexible material that feels a little bit softer under your feet than wood or tile. It’s made from a layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic over a layer of felt which is a tough material that stands up to moisture and heavy traffic.

Vinyl floors also reduce noise in the room it’s installed in as well as in the room below, providing great sound insulation. You don’t even have to put carpets in your rooms because vinyl flooring is not only comfortable to walk on, but it will also make the ambience in the room warmer.

Easy to Install

One of the biggest advantages of installing vinyl home flooring is that you can install it yourself. Sheet vinyl flooring is quite easy to lay. For most rooms, you will need only one piece of sheet vinyl for the whole floor. On the other hand, vinyl plank flooring comes in pieces, usually in individual squares in different sizes, so if one of the pieces gets damaged you can change it very easily.

There is one trick that can save you time and effort while installing it. Vinyl tiles come in perfect square shape and since rooms are seldom perfectly square, you need to start laying the tiles in the room from the centre towards the walls. Make sure to thoroughly sweep your floors before installing vinyl and make sure there are no protruding objects because even the smallest pieces of debris may show through it.

man installing vinyl flooring


Affordable Prices

Since ceramic tiles, hardwoods and wall-to-wall carpets are not very budget-friendly, most homeowners look to buy flooring materials that are less expensive yet durable and beautiful. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose laminate flooring, carpet tiles, bamboo flooring or residential vinyl flooring.

However, prices differ depending on quality. If you want the cheapest vinyl floor tiles, you should probably go for the self-sticking tiles in the standard 305x305mm format. Therefore, you may not get the best quality. When shopping, your safest bet is opting for better quality tiles because they will outlast the cheaper options and are not limited in colours and designs.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the biggest perks of vinyl floors is that they don’t require much maintenance – just the occasional deep clean. You can use a broom, cleaning cloths, a mop, floor duster, vacuum with a hose attachment, melamine sponge and other soft materials that will not damage the finish. While mopping, use a pH neutral floor cleaner. To remove stubborn stains, try gently rubbing the area with water and baking soda. Make sure to put a felt floor protector on your heavy furniture legs to keep the floor looking like new for as long as possible.