Unique Home Decor Ideas: Add a Modern Vibe to Your Living Space

Unique Home Decor Ideas: Add a Modern Vibe to Your Living Space

When it comes to interior aesthetics, homeowners often focus on choosing furniture and lighting solutions first, leaving home accessories and decorative items for the end. But the decor is very important for our home, especially if we want to add a modern vibe to it without breaking the bank. Investing in unique home decor is the easiest, yet most effective way to add a fresh vibe to your living space and here are a few ideas that you may find inspiring.

Choose Handmade Home Décor Pieces

One of the main ideas behind modern style interiors is that form follows function, so all decorative objects should reflect their intended purpose. It’s all about creating simple, uncluttered spaces using artwork and accessories. And what’s simple doesn’t mean it’s necessarily boring.

Handcrafted home décor items can be made of various materials, including clay, ceramic, metal, glass, concrete, stone, aluminium, nickel, brass and more. You can find unique home decors and revamp your home interior easily. These items are not mass-produced, meaning each one of them has a specific display of craftsmanship.

Every item has its own character, offering authenticity and even when the products are of the same colour, style, texture and shape, it’s difficult to replicate them. This adds personality to every piece and accentuates its charm. Some of the most popular home décor items you can use to give a modern approach to your living space are vases, bowls, trays, tableware and more.

They are characterised by fine craftsmanship and earth tones and can easily add style to any room of your home. The living room offers many opportunities for incorporating modern décor pieces such as vases, trays, flowerpots and more. In the bedroom, you can use home décor items to make your space feel more private and comfortable, or you can add a personal touch to the kitchen by using handmade sets of spoons, plates, jugs, mugs, glasses, bottles and more.

Holding a handcrafted item in your hands is a comforting experience and allows you to admire the patterns and textures it displays. Handcrafted home decors give you the freedom to experiment and mix, but also, they can help you tell a story within your home space. Just make sure you balance the various influences in a room as you don’t want to make it look like a museum where every piece has a story to tell.

Hang Beautiful Artwork on the Walls

Wall art is a common interior decorating tool for modern homes, from canvases to framed prints to other artistic embellishments that hang on a wall. Many homeowners adorn their rooms with designer art prints as they are some of the most popular choices these days.

Ultramodern Loft Living Room Interior

Art is an integral part of human existence and allows you to bring colour and expression to your home. An artwork print can add personality to any room and a unique touch that will make your living space feel more welcoming. Its main purpose is to tie the entire space together and enhance the overall look of the room.

If you are not sure where to begin, always consider the art pieces that you find interesting, the ones that showcase your personality through subject and composition. Select the ones that foster feelings of enjoyment and good vibes, and it will not take long until you realise choosing an artwork print is a lot of fun and can have a positive effect on your home interior.

In modern home décor, canvas prints, framed and unframed, are some of the most common options. Canvas prints offer a versatile approach and resemble original paintings very well thanks to the natural texture that adds colour depth. The vibrant colours of canvas art prints can instantly liven up any room of your home.

Based on your style and personal preferences, you can choose from a variety of themes and colour schemes that suit your living space. Framed prints can easily fit into the décor by connecting the colours scheme of the room and the frame. Unframed prints, on the other hand, can easily adapt to almost any style.

If the room you’re decorating is rich in colour, texture and pattern, you can opt for something simple to create a balance. But if the room is mostly neutral, as most modern home interiors are, then you can choose a colourful art piece to infuse a lively vibe to it, or create a beautiful gallery wall by grouping art framed and unframed canvases for additional variety.

Add Warmth With Carefully Chosen Rugs

Modern style rugs can be powerful decorating tools, whether they provide a complementary background for the rest of the décor or act as artwork for the floor. There are many different colours, sizes and patterns you can choose from, and find a rug that suits different areas of your home.

modern home decors

Modern rugs are characterised by the presence of contrast and bold uses of colours, as well as geometric and free-form elements. Geometric patterns are often used in modern home interiors and if carefully chosen, they can make a big stylish statement. Stripped patterns are popular as well, but try not to mix more than three patterns in a room.

The main purpose of using rugs in a room is to anchor it and infuse the entire space with personality, style and warmth. You can choose from a wide selection of modern style rugs and achieve your home decorating goals. If the walls and the furniture in the room are solid colours, then a patterned rug may be a great choice. It can bring the entire space together in a seemingly effortless way and make it feel complete. On the other hand, if the room is already full of colours and patterns, then you can go with rugs in neutral hues to create a balance.

A carefully placed rug can make the whole difference in your home interior. Most often, we see the rug placed in the centre of the room, which is fine as long as you want to add softness to the room. If you want to separate certain areas in a room, then you can use more than one rug and define the room. In open-concept spaces, layering several rugs can work very well and you can have fun playing with textures and styles.

Home Improvement Ideas: Different Ways to Use Brick Wallpaper

Home Improvement Ideas: Different Ways to Use Brick Wallpaper

We all want our homes to be as unique and as interesting as possible. With the advances and improvements in the interior design industry, there are so many different items we can use to decorate our homes that choosing the proper ones can get overwhelming. From coffee tables and lamps to wallpapers, art, and more – the only thing left for you is to pick your preferred style. (more…)

Glam up Your Bathroom with a Mirror that Reflects Style

Glam up Your Bathroom with a Mirror that Reflects Style

Bathrooms contain a lot of elements and items that need to work together to create a functional and cohesive space. Besides the necessary fixtures, like bathtubs and sinks, you have great freedom when it comes to choosing the décor items. And one such decorative element that no bathroom can function without is a mirror.

Bathroom mirrors are produced in such a wide variety of designs, sizes, and shapes that they can complement any style. From chic vintage bathrooms to contemporary-style ones, you’ll be able to find the perfect mirror to accessorise your unique space. If you were wondering which mirror to choose for your bathroom, follow these steps to have a clearer idea of what you need.

Consider the Available Space So You Can Choose Accordingly

white bathroom background and framed mirror
source: amazon.com

The first thing that should be taken into account is the space you have for the mirror. Since most people decide to go with mounted bathroom mirrors because they’re practical and easy to incorporate into the bathroom design, it means that the wall space needs to be measured. You can go as big as you want or need with the mirror size but for a balanced look, the mirror should be chosen according to the size of the other elements in the bathroom.

If you have a vanity, the mirror is typically mounted above it, which means the two should match in size. Usually, the mirror isn’t larger than the vanity unit and, for a harmonious look, the two should have the same width. This, of course, is the best solution if you have them custom-made because you might not be able to find a mirror that’s the exact width as the vanity.

Another approach is to purchase a mirror that’s a bit smaller than the vanity. In this way, it’ll look neat because they won’t overpower each other. Also, be careful with wall vanity units because they take up from the wall space, which leaves even less space for a mirror. You don’t have to worry too much because no matter which size you need, bathroom supply stores offer a wide variety of mounted bathroom mirrors that will beautifully fit any space.

Regarding the height of the mirror, it should be a little above the eye line but feel free to get as much height as you can. Bigger mirrors tend to open the bathroom and make it look more spacious. On that note, depending on your bathroom’s configuration, you could go for a mirror that takes up the entire wall. It will definitely make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

Choose the Most Suitable Shape to Enhance the Bathroom Look

lighted bathroom mirror
source: lineaunica.com

Mirrors come in various shapes, the traditional one being rectangular. Just like with the size, you should choose the shape of your bathroom mirror according to the other predominant shapes in the bathroom design.

Rectangular is mostly chosen for bathrooms that feature other elements in this shape. That could be the vanity, bathtub, and shower. It’s a common shape so you can find it in numerous styles.

Square mirrors are another typical design that works well in all spaces. It creates a symmetrical look and perfectly complements a square vanity that’s either mounted on the wall or rests on the floor.

Round mirrors are chosen because of their aesthetics. They create a sense of perfection that no other shape can surpass. They would work best with elements with slightly rounded edges that give an overall softer look but the beauty lies in the fact that round bathroom wall mirrors can be styled to look good with anything.

There are other available shapes, such as teardrop and arch mirrors that can work in most spaces if chosen properly. Different shapes can give a different vibe to the entire bathroom, so make sure that you choose according to the look you’re after.

Determine a Budget So You Can Stick to It

simple bathroom design
source: printdecor.com.au

Since mirror prices can vary greatly depending on the store, size, and style, it’s best to set a budget so you don’t spend more than you can afford. We oftentimes want to get the exact model that we imagined but that may not be in line with how much we can spend. Look for bathroom mirrors online and consider your options before splurging. You’ll maybe find a sale or discounts that can save you some money.

Consider the Bathroom Style and Pick the Ideal Mirror

Frameless vs. Framed Bathroom Mirrors  

framed mirrors bathroom design
source: sebringdesignbuild.com

It’s essential that the style of the bathroom is reflected in the mirror you choose. The frames play a big role and it’s them that make one mirror more suited for one décor than another. If you prefer to go frameless, the accent should be on the shape. Frameless mirrors are often cheaper, save space, and render that clean look many want. Also, they’re mostly used in modern bathroom designs.

With framed bath mirrors you can experiment as much as you like. They can create a nice focal point that won’t go unnoticed. Their price is higher due to the extra material and intricate design. The frame makes them bulkier which means you need more space if you want this type. Framed mirrors are considered to be more traditional but with the numerous options, you can find one to match any bathroom style.

Lighting Shouldn’t be Ignored When Choosing a Mirror

lighting mirrors white and grey design
source: gurudiscount.com

One way to accentuate the mirror’s design is by the use of lighting. There are mirrors that come with installed LED lights. They are usually frameless and beautifully light up the entire space. Another option is adding sconces around the mirror. This works well with smaller mirrors that have extra space on the sides. Adding a stylish sconce on both sides makes it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. There’s no limit to what you can do with the lighting in the bathroom but you mustn’t disregard the power that it has on the entire bathroom look.

Bathroom Shower Screen Buying Guide

Bathroom Shower Screen Buying Guide

When you’re doing a bathroom renovation, there is no doubt that elements like screens and shower heads are some of the first things on your mind. Shower screens are utility items that will keep your bathroom dry and clean. On top of that, a shower screen looks elegant and can make the shower space look complete.

All Eyes on Walls: Adorn Rooms with Designer Art Prints

All Eyes on Walls: Adorn Rooms with Designer Art Prints

Most of the times homeowners focus primarily on choosing the home furnishings and the lighting solutions for their new home, or when renovating their living space, and leave decorative items for the end. While functionality is important for your everyday routine, try not to underestimate the power of art and make sure to incorporate artwork into your home interior.


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