Since the combustion engine was invented back in 1893, diesel powered engines and generic spark-driven combustion engines have been competing for the best engine spot among engineers all over the world. Since the past century, these technologies have been at an uneasy peace with spark-driven engines and light-weight engines dominating the personal marine, early aviation and personal transportation fields, while the heavier diesels have been the engines of choice for ships, submarines, trucks and locomotives.

However, in the past few decades, diesel engines have become extremely competitive in automobile manufacturing. In Europe, half the newly manufactured cars now run on diesel. You may ask why? Well it’s simple – they’re more reliable, efficient, run cooler, last longer, diesel fuel is safer, they’re more easily turbo-charged, produce less carbon monoxide, accept synthetic fuels and so on.

If your car runs on diesel, and you’re considering replacing your exhaust system, one thing to consider is installing a DPF back exhaust as it removes soot or particulate matter from the exhaust gas of the engine. The diesel exhaust can be produced by the engine which contains particles that can be comprised of the fuel type or consumption rate of the engine.

The exhaust from diesel is a carcinogen, which is the product of incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel. These particles can include small nanoparticles, which can worsen the pollution in the atmosphere and can be harmful to the health. The DPF back exhaust filters can capture more than 95% of the harmful soot. If the DPS is optimal, soot emissions can be lowered to 0.001g per km or even less. This technology was first considered in the 70s due to the concerns about the impact that inhaled particles had. They’ve been used on non-road machines since the 80s and half a decade later they were implemented in automobiles as well.

At this point, the diesel engines, as aforementioned, have become the preferred choice of many people around the world. And while there were no regulations about this in the past, a lot of people still decided to go for this environmental-friendly solution. Nowadays, however, a lot of countries have implemented a law which enforces the use of DPF, so now is the right time to invest in one and stay ahead. By investing in a DPF back exhaust you are supporting the environment and making a statement, regardless whether in your country or state the laws enforce it or not.