The launch of a new hair salon is a reason for great celebration and personal pride, but it may also be a logistical nightmare if you don’t have a comprehensive hair salon equipment list when looking for a starting point. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the essentials you’ll need to start pondering about a few months to a year before your grand opening!


Hairdresser Uniform

Because of people’s inherited need for routine and familiarity, clients prefer to go back to established businesses and individuals. Wearing a standard-issue uniform for a hair stylist that looks and feels good is a great tactic to accomplish projecting an image of efficiency, reliability, and competence.

uniform for hair stylist

If a client has come to see you for the first time and you were wearing a fashionable salon uniform, it may put them at ease in a subconscious way.While the freedom to wear whatever one pleases to work in is appealing in theory, in practice a uniform simplifies matters considerably. That is to say, if workers have access to many uniforms, they can always seem professional at their desks. Having many beauty tunics or dresses on hand allows for easier rotation of uniforms and less wear and tear on each piece.

This way, the employees can have their uniform for hair stylist freshly laundered and pressed every day to ensure a professional look. Salon dresses and beauty tunics with an apron over them can be mixed and matched to create a number of different looks benefiting forth the clients and the employees.

Reception Desk

Your reception and the person working behind the desk are the first impression you leave on a customer, enhancing or lowering the chance of their possible return. So, make sure your receptionist is trained in the way you want your business portrayed, but also ensure they are equipped with all of the tools and information they need to do so.

And while waiting to be greeted, guests can read materials about the company’s history and values in the reception area. Your clients will feel valued and appreciated if your welcome area is warm and inviting. Bonus points if it smells good with a smell that is not overwhelming and filled with chemicals. The smell of pure rose oil seems to be liked by many so it’s a great option!

Consultation Area

A hair consultation should be included in your services as a standard aspect of expectation management and quality assurance. Consultations can be conducted at the style station, but it is recommended that you have a dedicated consultation area, which can be as simple as a mirror and some stools. Hence, you won’t be hogging a station when you’re providing consultation, and more people will be able to use it. This way the client will have more privacy and less pressure to agree to your services, which are all elements of a good experience!

Hairstyling Chair

The chairs’ visual appeal may be the primary factor in your decision to purchase them. This is undoubtedly a component worth considering—you do want them to harmonise with your overall style—but it shouldn’t be the deciding reason. Consider the seating comfort level as well. It’s crucial that your chairs be cosy for your customers, as they may spend two or more hours there. Also, think about how long they will last and whether or not the fabric can resist stains. This is crucial for any salon that offers a wide range of colouring services.

hairstyling chairs

Basic Hairstyling Tools

Keep in mind that there are specific items, such as a place to store your hot styling tools, that you will want to have easy access to at all times at your station. If you want to keep your brushes, foils, balayage film, styling tools, etc. close at hand without anyone seeing them, a tiny colour cart with extra storage or additional pockets in your hairdressers’ uniforms could be a good idea. Anything you need at your styling stations to provide excellent service to your customers will vary based on the services you provide and the people you serve.

Hair Washing Station

These chairs, like the ones used for hairstyling, should be comfortable, especially in the neck region. Make sure the seats are comfortable and provide adequate back support by testing them out. Most colouring will be done at the sink, therefore it’s important that both the chair and the sink can withstand the dyes.

Dryer Unit

It is recommended that heat lamps be used instead of traditional hooded dryers if your salon plans to offer any kind of creative colour services. While processing, these will help spread the heat more evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. They are quieter and take up less room than traditional hooded drying units, both of which can lead to happier customers.

dryer units

Cleaning Supplies

Having cleaning supplies neatly placed in a designated area is essential but is often overlooked in favour of lowering costs. But keeping your workspace clean is great for all of the important reasons, such as keeping your space organized, and bacteria-free, while comforting your customers so that they can place their trust in you!

Hair Salon Software and Appointment Scheduling Apps

The right hair salon management software can be a real game-changer for your business. It can serve as your complete point-of-sale system, keeping track of appointments, customers, products, and more.

In addition to the above-listed, you should look into the inspection needs, codes, and regulations that may affect your salon at the local level. If you contact your local health authority in advance, they should be able to provide you with a checklist of everything you need to have ready for the salon’s final inspection.