Home renovations, the wide scope of construction work, and dozens of industries rely on the regular use of adhesives and sealants. With so many varieties of products used in bonding two materials, components or surfaces together, getting what’s right for your application can soon become a nightmare. You’ll want something that sticks, is durable and easy, and is quick to apply. The market is flooded with subpar adhesion products, and not all deliver on their promises. Unless of course, you opt for one of the leading manufacturers in the field – Soudal.


Who is Soudal?

Founded in Belgium in 1966, Soudal has become the go-to brand when sourcing chemical products used in construction, DIY repairs, and industry. The products it makes range from the ever-popular and versatile silicone sealants, PU sealants and a staple in various construction applications, polyurethane expanding foams while insulating building elements such as doors and windows, and a wide scope of adhesives used to bond different materials in industries as diverse as construction, auto and aerospace, packaging, HVAC systems and more. The company supplies its products from over 20 production facilities to over 150 countries, including Australia, with lineups tailored to specific needs and climatic conditions.

An Overview of the Soudal Product Range


Adhesives can be defined as substances capable of holding two or more surfaces together in a strong and permanent bond. They have taken over the traditional use of fasteners. The company offers both professional and consumer-grade adhesion products suited to different applications. Here are some notable examples:

Strong as Nails – Fix It – Construction Adhesive

Source: bargaincentre.com.au

This is a construction-grade multipurpose solvent-based adhesive promising high bonding strength, ideal for both vertical and horizontal bonding and gap-filling applications. Typical use is in bonding in assemblies, general construction and renovations, and bonding cable trays and panels. It has excellent adhesion to most building materials (it’s all in the name), good all-around and lasting performance, and is easy to apply.
For most specialist construction used go for the premium grade and solvent-free Super Grab or Mega Grab adhesives, ideal for bonding heavy materials and with high performance on wood, metal, concrete, stone, synthetic materials, plasterboard, and more.

SMX 30 Plus Adhesive -Timber Flooring Adhesive

Source: stroiteli.bg

A water and solvent-free 2 in 1 adhesive based on the company’s famed SMX technology promising high final bonding strength with an elastic and non-shrinking adhesive layer, in addition to quick curing and stable peaks once applied. Suitable for indoor use with slab, solid and prefinished parquet, laminates, and wood block bonded to concrete, screed, wood, chipboard, and ceramic tiles. It can also be used with underfloor heating and bonding moisture-sensitive wood onto porous surfaces.

For bonding concrete, masonry, metals, plywood, OSB, and treated timber to moist or frozen timber look for SoudaBond Subfloor, and when working with plasterboard and other insulation materials (filling and fixing cracks, gaps, and joints), handheld and simple to apply Soudabond Easy is your ideal choice.

SoudaBond MT – Tile Adhesive

This is a premade and ready-to-use waterproof adhesive paste ideally used in bonding floor and wall tiles. It has a good initial tack and can be used on slightly moist surfaces and bonds with most common construction materials (including stone). Good for bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and other wet rooms. It has a long open life meaning tiling at any pace.

Other Adhesive Products

You’ll also find foam adhesives for roofs, SuperGlue in medium and high viscosity, a range of contact Soudal adhesives (some applied by spraying), bonding adhesives used with glass and mirrors, and more.


Sealants are bonding substances capable of attaching to at least two surfaces and filling the space between them to provide a lasting barrier or protective coating. The company makes the full range of acrylic, silicone, and PU sealants used in industry, and commercial and home usage. Good examples include:

Soudal All-Purpose Silicone

Source: trulypvc.com

This is the sealant to use in bathrooms and kitchens as it works well against mould and mildew, is waterproof, and sticks to tiles, ceramics, glass, steel, aluminium, concrete, fibreglass, laminated floors, painted surfaces, and more. It’s also good in roofing applications, as well as windows and glazing. Additionally, the sealant is eco-friendly, food-safe, odourless, and comes in a range of colours to suit different substrates.

For specialist sealing solutions look for variants such as SiliRub HT- good with metals and glass as well as high heat, and Silirub WS+ used in windows and expansion joints, being water, heat and UV resistant.

SoudaFlex 40FC

Source: ugolki.by

This is a polyurethane high modulus sealant with high holding strength, fast curing, and chemical resistance, good in sealing and bonding applications on concrete and metals, such as structural bonding in vibrating constructions and the sealing of shrinking joints in concrete floors.

Gap Fillers

Gap fillers in the Soudal sealant range are based around acrylic sealants and are fast-curing, form a durable bond, and are ideal for use both for indoor and outdoor filling purposes. Look for Fill and Paint Gap Filler to seal around skirting, boards, tiles, window frames, architraves, trims, wall and floorboards, and coving. All WeatherFlex is ideal for high-stress areas, both in and outside with its superior flexibility and weather resistance. For filling cracks in concrete and plaster look for Acryl Paintable Sealant.

Other Sealants

Other sealing products from Soudal factories have general-purpose or specialist uses. You’ll find fire-retardant sealers (SoudaSeal FR), automotive gasket and body part sealers (Carbond 940FC and Gasket Seal), specialty sealers for fireplaces (FireCement HT), polybutene sealers used in outdoor repairs (Butyrub) and the list goes on. Any sealing product you need, Soudal has got you covered.

Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

Look to the SMX range of hybrid polymers in the Fix All, MultiBond, and T-Rex range if you need the flexibility of sealant and the high bonding strength of adhesives in a 2-in-1 solution. The company also offers expanding spray foam, waterproofing products, chemical anchors, pipe cement and primers, and a wide range of accessories. This includes various types of application guns, cleaning and removal tools, industrial aerosols, and just about anything for your sealing and bonding needs.