From small businesses to large and long-established corporates, there are things that no office can do without, such as the supplies essential to keeping their businesses running from day to day.

With so many options and products available, it can be challenging to decide which items belong in your supply cabinet and which are simply “nice to have.” We hope our comprehensive guide will help you understand all the essentials required to maintain a productive workplace. Continue reading to learn more.


Start with Stationery

It may seem obvious, but in this increasingly digital era, who hasn’t found themselves scrabbling around the office for one of the increasingly elusive pens whenever they need to write something down on paper? A well-stocked stationery cupboard with everything your staff needs to do their jobs and keep things smoothie running is the basis of any office.

organize your office desk with stationery supplies

Writing tools are a necessity, and whether you choose the standard biro or customised, a consistent supply is necessary for nearly everyone with a desk job. Highlighters will make it simple to keep track of changes and updates because even printed material may require annotations and adaptations. Hole punchers and staplers are also necessary to manage printed or written paper because very few offices are completely paperless.

You might need different types of desktop stationery, but start small and work your way up. It can be simple to get carried away with a wide selection of pens, papers, and other supplies, but keeping a simple supply of those essentials, such as notepads, a writing instrument, and the ubiquitous post-it, can put you in a good starting position.

Consider Storage

Access to abundant storage is a must for practically any workplace producing a significant amount of paper-based work weekly or monthly, especially in accounting or HR-based roles.

Storage units like stationery cupboards provide the space you need to store critical information and stationery but also the more physical and digital side of office management, such as various tools, external drives, specialised servers and more.

While ensuring a suitable range of office supplies for your staff and meeting their storage needs is necessary for most companies, it’s a legal requirement for those keeping sensitive or personal data. While a lockable stationery cupboard is the best solution for keeping your data safe, heavy-duty metal options will protect them at any time, even if accidents happen.

Besides being aligned with your staff storage needs and requirements, your storage units should sync with the décor of your office room. Steel stationery cupboards are a stylish storage solution and go well with most modern office interiors without compromising functionality and organisation. 

stationery cupboards for better office organization

Once you’ve chosen the stationery cupboards for your office, you can move on to another important storage aspect: organising them.  “How do you organize a stationery cupboard?” is a question that pops up frequently. Here are some tips:

  • If you’ve already filled your office cupboard with stationery and other office supplies and want to reorganise it, start by taking them all out and giving it a nice wipe.
  • Once every shelf and drawer are clean, separate your stationery items into groups. That way, you can get a better insight into your stocks.
  • Put the high-turnover items, such as pens, paper and pads, on an accessible shelf for everyone. Everything else, like meeting/conference goodies, printer cartridges and desk equipment, should go in different sections.
  • Once you put everything in its place, label the shelves so everyone can see where things are and easily notice if you have run out of anything. 
  • Have a stock list of everything you have and keep it up to date by checking in every week. Or get people to let you know when they have taken things.

Must-Have Machines

The modern office is more digital than ever before, meaning it can’t function without the machines required to complete daily tasks. Some virtual necessities are laptops and PCs, phone systems, printing, and photocopying. All of these technologies are necessary to run an active and productive office, and it’s equally important to know what you’ll need in the future to keep that equipment in working order.

The right kind of printing and copying paper, the cables and wires needed to connect laptops to screens or monitors, and even a spare kit are all important considerations when purchasing office supplies. That way, you will always have a backup if something goes wrong.

Comfort Items

The workplace isn’t all work and no play; there are always opportunities to grab a coffee or a cup of tea, chat with your desk neighbours, and enjoy a comfortable lunch break. These factors are all essential to a successful workplace, and using your office supplies to make your staff happy is just as crucial as maximising productivity.

While it might not be the most important item on the list, comfort is unquestionably the most enjoyable for everyone involved. Comfort includes everything from tea and coffee supplies to ergonomic, comfortable chairs.

Although the office isn’t a space where accidents usually happen, there’s still a possibility. Protect yourself and your staff by having the proper safety equipment within reach of their hand and educating them on the steps they should take in case accidents happen.

Once you’ve purchased and organised your essential office supplies, don’t forget to keep on top of everything! Every three months, organise another clear-out and check if your system is working well.