Spring is finally here and everyone’s looking to optimise their wardrobe for the warmer days to come. We switch our winter jackets for light cardigans, our bulky shawls for stylish satin scarves, and our ankle boots for gorgeous light spring shoes.

While there is a wide range of spring footwear available online, trendy espadrille wedges are my favourites. They consist of a classic espadrille design and wedges merged into one. These shoes go with any outfit combination, ranging from classic jeans to midi skirts, and they come in different heights.

The amazing footwear known as espadrille goes back to the 1300s. It has taken on political functions, established global fashion trends, and developed into a basic form of footwear for warm weather. The comfort and ease of maintenance will make you fall in love with espadrilles. If you want to find out more about this stunning closet staple, keep reading!


Different Types of Espadrilles

Wedges Espadrille
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As I mentioned, espadrille wedge sandals are highly adaptable and stylish shoes, but they’re not the only type of espadrilles you can find. Due to their fashionable jute rope (which is their most recognisable feature) espadrilles are perfect for summer and tropical areas.

They come with either an open toe or a closed toe. Although they’re mostly viewed as women’s shoes, there are plenty of fashionable alternatives for men as well. In addition to the wedges, here are a few of the other popular styles of espadrilles:

  • Ballet flats or flats;
  • Slip-ons;
  • Mules.

Espadrilles wedges are typically the most popular shoe style among these, and for good reason. In comparison to conventional heels, these wedges provide unmatched support from a platform sole and a natural arch. As opposed to flats, mules, and slip-ons, they also display more of the jute braided pattern.

When it comes to classic espadrilles, women often wear them in casual settings, regardless of the shoe design. But because jute can be embellished with a variety of fabrics and straps, it’s simple to dress up skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits by switching out flip-flops for espadrilles.

Classic espadrille wedges and a flowy jumpsuit is my go-to outfit when I go out for brunch with my cousins. For a seaside wedding, for instance, espadrilles sandals with straps in a neutral colour would look stunning with a summer dress. The espadrille mules are the great in-between option of flip flops and rubber sandals that are a perfect choice as laid-back spring and autumn footwear.

The most popular options with men’s espadrilles are slip-on styles. Similar to women’s espadrilles, they typically wear them in the spring and summer. Men often pair espadrilles with cropped pants, however, they also wear them with summer suits.

How to Style Espadrilles?

Espadrille shoes
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Espadrilles can be dressed up or down, depending on your style. Anyone looking to add elegance to their spring and summer outfits will benefit a lot from these shoes. They’re super cosy and will keep your feet supported when you spend the day visiting a beach town or dancing the night away at a wedding. By wearing them with casual spring and summer outfits like shorts, dresses, skirts, capris, and jeans, you can show off your sense of style.

Here are some outfit combinations that go well:

  • Women’s espadrille wedges paired with flowy dresses of different lengths;
  • Mule espadrilles with denim jeans;
  • Flat espadrilles for a work environment, but they also work lovely with skirts and shorts outside the office;
  • Any style of espadrilles with a bright and colourful design for a quirky or whimsical look.

These are only a few suggestions, as espadrilles are so versatile that there are practically endless ways to pair them with clothing. You can either go with the established fashion trends or stand out boldly with your own combinations.

Maintenance Tips for Espadrilles

These shoes don’t require much maintenance, but it’s important to know how to clean them properly to avoid accidentally damaging them. Instead of throwing them in the washing machine, clean the grime off with mild soap and a damp cloth. Be careful while working with the jute since strong rubbing can cause the jute to tear.

Don’t worry about your espadrilles getting wet, they will be just fine if you find yourself in a downpour or if a wave crashes over your shoe on the sand. They won’t fall apart under your foot because of the rubber sole that is underneath the jute. Instead, leave them somewhere dry and fill them with a roll of cloth. The cloth will help dry them up while also preventing the shrinking of the top fabric.

Where Do Espadrilles Come From?

Espadrille wedges
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Lastly, I will share with you a few words about the history of espadrilles. Although espadrille sandals didn’t gain popularity until the 1970s, their history dates back to the fourteenth century in Spain and France.

The true origin of the term “Espadrilles” is still up for debate. Esparto is a strong fabric originally used to produce them instead of jute. It’s a species of grass found in the Mediterranean. It’s simple to understand how this would have influenced the name “espadrille”.

The first esparto espadrilles resembled the ones we wear today. The only difference was that they were mostly worn by peasants. Espadrilles became increasingly popular over time as workers started wearing them, spreading them all around the Mediterranean.

They eventually gained popularity everywhere across the world after the premiere of the Key Largo movie in the 1940s. This quickly turned them into a trendy style of footwear, they were even mentioned in tales of their significance in European movements and battles.

As opposed to depending only on natural fibres to hold the shoe together, the modern alternative is made with extra fabric sewn onto the tops. If you’re looking for new fashionable spring shoes but don’t know where to start looking, buy espadrilles and you won’t be disappointed!