Travelling with your baby can turn into a fun adventure for both of you – given that you packed everything you need in the nappy bag. Whether you’re going for a short stroll, a picnic, or a holiday, there are certain baby essentials that you can’t go without. The first and crucial step to packing your baby essentials is picking the right backpack.


What Kind of Nappy Bag is Best?

woman with nappy changing bag pushing a stroller

When going out with your baby, there are a lot of items that you need to bring along. For this purpose, you need to choose the right nappy backpack where you can store them. If you’re on the lookout for such a practical baby accessory, I suggest that you check out these stylish nappy changing bags.

They’re made from high-quality leather on the outside and sturdy low-maintenance material for the inner layer. This way you have a trendy fashion accessory that doubles up as storage for diapers, wipes, and other essential baby items. The inner lining is water-resistant, so you can keep your wets and dirties in a separate compartment, and wipe the bag clean once you get home.

The modern nappy bags are both trendy and convenient for use. They have a lot of added features to make your daily walks with your baby a breeze:

  • Padded comfortable straps.
  • Many separate pockets for storing different items.
  • Stroller straps for attaching the bag to the stroller.
  • Special insulated bottle holder that keeps your baby’s bottle warm for up to two hours.
  • A padded microfiber changing mat.
  • Large top zipper for easy access when you’re in a hurry.
  • Metal feet that offer protection for your nappy bag.

Modern nappy changing bags designs are much more evolved than they used to be. They have many practical features and sturdy construction that is stylish and comfortable for the mum. For all of those young and trendy mums, there is a large variety of bags that will suit any style.

You can choose between casual faux leather bags in different colours, classy and minimalistic vegan leather bags, models with colourful nature-inspired prints, and nappy change clutches. The nappy clutches are ideal for when you don’t need to pack a lot of items for your trip. When you unfold them, they reveal a padded change mat for your baby.

What You Will Need to Pack

nappy changing bag next to toys and diapers close up

A Light Blanket

When you’re planning a longer trip or the weather is simply unpredictable, it’s crucial that you take a lightweight blanket with you. This will protect your baby from both chillier weather and the harsh sun rays. A blanket also comes in handy for breastfeeding, which often gets sweaty and sticky. Wrapping your baby in a light blanket beforehand keeps them from moving around. It also absorbs sweat and keeps you and your baby from uncomfortably sticking to each other.

Extra Tees or Bodysuits

Every time you go out, make sure that you pack at least one pair of clothes and a hat for your baby. The clothes need to be suitable for the weather and most importantly – comfortable for your baby. It’s best to go with natural materials for your baby’s clothes – good options are cotton and woollen clothing for babies. The right baby clothes will ensure that your baby is comfortable during weather fluctuations and protect them from the harsh sun rays. Bringing an extra pair will help in case your baby sweats too much, vomits, or gets their clothes dirty in any way.

Extra Diapers

The rule of thumb is to bring an extra diaper for every hour that you’re planning to spend outside with your baby. Carrying excess diapers also comes in handy in the case of prolonged outings, delayed flights, and other unplanned situations. There’s not always a guarantee that you can buy these items wherever you’re going, so it’s a good idea to bring them with you.

Food and Drinks

woman putting clothes in nappy changing bags

Unless you breastfeed your baby, you will need to pack formula powder, bottles, teats, and sterilizing equipment. Make sure to have enough food for your baby to last you through the outing. For yourself, don’t forget to pack up easy snacks and water.

A Few Toys

Bringing your baby’s favourite toys will make their daily stroll a more fun experience. Toys will also keep them occupied and entertained, preventing them from getting irritated and bursting out into fits in public.

Hygiene Supplies

Last but not least, you will need items to take care of your baby’s personal hygiene. The most important items that you shouldn’t leave the house without are baby wipes. They’re convenient, portable, and efficiently clean up any mess made by your baby. Next, if you’re planning on a longer trip that includes a sleepover or two – you will need the usual toiletries, such as a baby wash, sponge, lotion and shampoo.

Pack up a soft towel and safety bath plugs as well. Trips and strolls with your baby can be a breeze if you’re well-prepared. For your next outing, make sure that you have all the essential baby items and carefully browse through to buy nappy bag that is both sturdy and stylish.