You know how the saying goes “out with the old, in with the new” and we refer to it whenever we want to make certain changes in our lifestyles but then end up getting back to the old ways of life, turning to the incorrigible habits. Well, there’s the perfect combination of both old and new that could be the groundbreaking change you’ve been hoping for: the chance to grown your own food in the comfort of your home – it’s one you’d grow to love and not give up on.

It sure sounds too good to be true because usually we picture the lovely blooming garden outdoors when it comes to taking up gardening, but nowadays since there’s a shift in preferences considering most of us prefer the perks and opportunities of living in cities and this logically results in packed up cityscapes and barely any space for greenery, gardening got susceptible to evolution too. With the help of modern planters and pots, some of which are based on the self-watering ingenious design, there’s no excuse not to become a gardener anymore and try out your green thumb skills.

urban-gradeningYou’ve seen self-taught cooks making it big worldwide, in the likes of Jamie Oliver and Bill Granger, and you’ve probably seen the importance they place on vegetables. Have you also noticed the trend of engaging in gardening at home? Gardening can be considerably cost-effective as opposed to buying groceries, particularly over an extended period, as you get to invest in seeds that don’t cost much (bonus quality and taste points if you choose non-hybrid heirloom seeds) and you’d always have fresh produce on your plate, no matter whether it’s vegetables, fruits or herbs.

Some of the choices of modern planters and pots you’d come across are specifically designed to be of help to the urban gardener, and fit for every space of the home, or better yet every corner considering there are also mini versions that still have the self-watering concept. The great thing about such planters is they rid you of the watering chores and you won’t have to worry about over watering or not watering enough since roots get the amount of water they need through the wicking system. Apart from being functional, they’re also stylish and can be the perfect decorating elements when you want to spice up the interior as they can also serve as room dividers when connected.

Along with cost-effectiveness, making urban gardening part of your lifestyle is particularly beneficial when it comes to your overall well-being and having the peace of mind never having to worry again about what all ends up on your plate, and whether or not it’s full of toxins. Planet Earth gets to benefit from this as well since the home gardening without the use of pesticides and herbicides results in reduction of the environmental impact as you don’t add to the water and air pollution. So, if you want to go in the footsteps of ancestors with growing your own food yet reap the benefits of modern inventions, don’t wait up to become an urban gardener.