Our Tips for Choosing the Perfect Jewellery Gift

Our Tips for Choosing the Perfect Jewellery Gift

Gifting jewellery is always a good idea, especially for women. It often has a sentimental value, and the person will probably remember you every time they see the piece. They’ll remember the moment, atmosphere and even the words you said. It’s a convenient gift that will work even for those who have trouble choosing a present. Jewellery is long-lasting and can sometimes turn into a family heirloom that passes from one generation to another.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Fans of All Ages

Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Fans of All Ages

Having to deal with lots of problems daily, it’s not hard to understand why magic and fantasy are so appealing to people. Creating a world completely different from what we experience in real life, yet not unrelatable, creators of the magic and fantasy genre give the common man the amazing opportunity for a regular getaway. Wizards with their wand sticks, dragons and other terrifying creatures, and all kinds of magical things occur in the magical world. Everyone gets lost easily in a story in a castle surrounded by woods in an unknown location, including well-built characters and plot. You can guess the masterpiece: it’s Harry Potter I’m talking about.

With more than 500 million copies sold worldwide, Harry Potter books have been translated into 80 languages. They started their own culture and created a big fan community of people of all ages that call themselves Potterheads. If you happen to have a Potterhead dear to your heart, you can use their love for Harry Potter to present them with the perfect gift. There are some really amazing gift ideas for Potterheads of all ages. But before you jump off to choosing a gift, there are some things you should know about Harry Potter and his fans.

Why Is Harry Potter So Popular?

J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter manuscript was rejected by 12 publishing houses before Bloomsbury decided to give her a chance to debut. And in the beginning, it went so bad that she wrote using a male pen name. Right after that, more and more becoming were starting to get interested in her story. This resulted in the Harry Potter series being one of today’s most popular books. Why is the story of Harry Potter so popular?

Except for their magical blood, the story’s characters are real and relatable. They face everyday problems, just like every teen or pre-teen. Some have been through a lot in their lives, suffering loss and other problems. And each character has a strong personality, built very well. Even their names have special meanings and were carefully picked up. This helped build a unique storyline that glorifies the noble ideals of love, friendship and loyalty. These morals transcend all divisions of race, colour, sex and most importantly, age. A 9-year-old can enjoy it in the same way a 30-year-old does. With unpredictable plot twists at times, this masterpiece brings magic to life. It’s not surprising that is loved by so many people.

Some Things That Potterheads Want You to Know

harry potter charm bracelet
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Before going and buying that perfect Harry Potter bracelet for your girlfriend or your teen daughter, there are some things about Harry Potter fans that you should know first. This will help you understand their love for Harry Potter and choose the right gift, especially if you aren’t a big fan.

  • There are fans of all ages. Harry Potter fans are usually seen as either young school children or nerdy adults with an almost unhealthy fascination with a “children’s book”. However, this generalisation is not true. The Potter fandom spans all age groups and crosses over the entire globe.
  • They’re not all nerds. Although some of them are typical bookworms, many are fans of the series simply for the fun tale or the message of love and friendship. You need to know which one is the person you’re gifting, as buying a set of 7 books for someone who doesn’t want to read would be a total waste.
  • Not all of them are here for the magic stuff; some just like the characters and their relationships. A Potter collector may want a unique magic wand or a limited Firebolt edition, but not a girl that desperately wants Harry and Hermione together. So, what do you give to a Potterhead?

Best Gift Ideas for Potterheads of All Ages

Harry Potter Jewellery

deathly hollow bracelet
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Wearing themed jewellery is a subtle way of showing your love for something. Just like diffuser bracelets are a great choice for aromatherapy lovers, Harry Potter inspired jewellery can make every Potter fan rejoice. As there are Potterheads of all ages and genders, there’s something that can fit each one’s taste out of the wide variety. A Harry Potter bracelet or a pin badge Slytherin might be all your Potter girl or boy wants. Here are some great ideas.

Many fans love Harry’s beloved owl and were stunned when she died early in The Deathly Hollows. It was a sudden, unexpected jolt, more than shock value. As J.K Rowling said herself: “The loss of Hedwig represented a loss of innocence and security. She has been almost like a cuddly toy to Harry at times. Voldemort killing her marked the end of childhood.” Buying a piece of jewellery inspired by such symbolism makes a great present. There are Hedwig inspired bracelets and earrings, as well as pin badges and keyrings.

The Golden Snitch was the third and smallest ball used in Quidditch, a game played in the story. With a size of a walnut, this gold-coloured sphere with silver wings flew around the Quidditch field at high speeds. Dumbledore left Harry the first golden snitch he had caught upon his death. He put enchanted writing on the snitch that could only Harry read by touching it to his mouth. A golden snitch inspired jewellery is exactly what Harry Potter would want as a gift. If it’s worthy of Potter, it’s worth it for any Potter fan.

Hermione Granger wore a necklace with a time turner attached to it. An authentic replica of this time turner is a must-have for all fans. It has a miniature hourglass, including golden sand. You can rotate the inner rings to read the inscription “I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do”. An included deluxe pouch and keep safe box make this gift even cooler.

Harry Potter Inspired Watches

Harry Potter Hogwarts watch
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A person can never go wrong with a watch as a gift. Symbolising the three most powerful magical objects, the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone, the Deathly Hallows symbol is an extremely prominent and notorious magical symbol throughout the Harry Potter series. Some deathly hallows watch designs include crystal embellishments, and some are more minimal. Either choice makes for a very sophisticated gift, similar to those we choose to honour great people. If you can’t decide between a piece of jewellery or a watch, you can’t go wrong with a golden necklace watch.

Honour the Brave Hero in Your Life with a Military Memorabilia Gift

Honour the Brave Hero in Your Life with a Military Memorabilia Gift

Looking for a gift for an army member can be a daunting task as we all know they sacrifice so much for our country and deserve something amazing. There is no limit to the amount of gratitude deserved by the members of the military. Finding a special gift for a military graduate or retirement from someone who has never served can be a real challenge.

Military members can be tricky to buy for, so you may want to carefully look at gifts to honour these great men. To help you, the following military gift ideas are always a great choice to surprise the brave hero in your life no matter the occasion.


army collectables
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Whether you are choosing a gift for someone who is joining the military, has been serving for a while or is a veteran, you can find a wide range of military memorabilia and select a meaningful and beautiful item. There is a variety of items you can choose from, including badges, bracelets, lapel pins, pens, notebooks, candles, bags, plush toys, earrings and bracelets.

Any of these items is a nice way to share your respect for history and the army and show the military person your appreciation and gratitude for their service. They are designed to honour army members for their service and are a great way to pay tribute to anyone who’s served in the Australian Defence Force.

For us Australians, the Red Poppy has a special meaning and we wear it every November on Remembrance Day when we salute the memory of those who sacrificed their strength, health and lives for our freedom. It’s in the memory of the soldiers who rest in Flanders’ Fields and the cause for which they laid down their lives.

Another important day on the Australian calendar is the 25th of April or ANZAC Day. It’s a day of commemoration and it marks the first big military battle fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in the First World War. It’s a significant occasion on both sides of the Tasman Sea and salutes the memory of Australian and New Zealand military personnel who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

But it’s not only Remembrance Day or ANZAC Day that should remind us to cherish our proud heritage and honour military members. By choosing military memorabilia as a gift, you can show them how proud you are to have them in your life and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Army Medal Case

army medals
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A medal case is a great choice for an army person, especially a veteran as they can use it to showcase their medals and it can easily take up a place of honour in their home. A quality and well-designed medal case can easily become a valuable representation of the family heritage and a testament to personal achievement and a successful military career.

It protects the medals that come in different shapes and sizes. The purpose of an army medal case is to store and display a collection of medals, but also it has an easily removable case back that makes them easily accessible for occasional use. There are many different options you can choose from, including small, medium and large medal cases.

A medal collection can be displayed in different ways and it mainly depends on the taste and personal preferences of the recipient. It’s always a good idea to know the number of medals they have, so you can choose a display case that will fit them all.

Ceremonial Sword

When it comes to military gifts, this is a great collectable and can be used as an addition to the uniform. You can choose from a wide collection of swords, from the army to air force ceremonial swords. Look for ceremonial swords made to the exact specifications of the Australian Defence Force and if you want to complement your choice, add some accessories, such as stands, knots and scabbards.

Military Coin Display Case

Interestingly, many military members collect coins as they receive challenge coins for various accomplishments. The collection can grow in a short time and a military coin display can be a great gift idea to help them showcase their coin collection.

Flag Display Case

A flag display case is one of the most common gift choices for veterans, military retirees or those about to retire soon. It’s a traditional military gift, a beautiful way to display the flag and honour their service.

Assignment/Deployment Map

If your military member has been assigned at different places, an assignment or deployment map can help them commemorate their career and proudly show every place they’ve been to.

Military Toys

army toys
source: militarytrader.com

Military toys are some of the most iconic toys you can find out there. They have been around for centuries as something that has been marketed at kids became a much more adult-centric kind of thing. They are military-inspired gifts that can be found in different shapes and sizes and can easily turn into a serious hobby for those who pay close attention to details and accuracy.

A military toy is a nice and interesting way to make history alive again. A well-chosen military toy can be an inspiration for collecting more toys that can be passed down to future generations.

5 Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad on Father’s Day

5 Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the ideal time to show our love and appreciation for our strong and dependable dads. They help us learn, grow and overcome countless challenges, that were made easier just because we had them by our side. To honour this important figure in our lives, it’s only fitting to choose the best Father’s Day gift according to their preferences.

Serving up a Smile: 5 Best Gifts for Gin Lovers

Serving up a Smile: 5 Best Gifts for Gin Lovers

The name ‘gin’ comes from the French word for juniper, “genievre”. Its key ingredients are high-quality neutral alcohols and botanical substances such as juniper, coriander, angelica and pure water. Gin originated in Holland and was brought to England in the late sixteenth century by soldiers. Soon, it began to compete with the two other spirit drinks in England at that time, rum from the West Indies and brandy from France. Little did they know how it would change the game forever.

Why Is Gin Special?

gin gift set
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Gin’s story is an ambivalent one. It’s been drunk by both kings and commoners. On one hand, it inspired the first modern drug craze in 18th century London. On the other hand, London dry gin became a symbol of sophistication. In spite of the dark shadows of its past, it’s worshipped in modern bar culture.

There are no restrictions or production standards. Unlike scotch, whisky or tequila, no precise territorial origin is imposed on gin makers. The market, once dominated by a few global players producing undifferentiated, low-priced products, is now dominated by numerous handcrafting distillers making highly differentiated premium products. A ‘ginaissance’ is on the rise.

Just as someone’s favourite song or special coffee cup can tell their story, so can their favourite drink. A gin lover likes to taste both sides of the spectrum. Ranging from the classics Martini and Negroni to unconventional gin and chocolate gifts, when aiming to please a gin enthusiast, aim for a contradictory combination of traditions and trends.

What Do You Get a Gin Lover? 

gin with green lemons and some snacks
source: thinkginclub.com

Gin and Chocolate Gifts 

Can you mix alcohol with chocolate? You bet!

It’s a matter of taste. When pairing chocolate with alcohol always look for one that is low in tannins and acidity because chocolate contains both. You can experiment with different types of spirits and wines and find the right combination for your palate but there are certain pairs that really don’t go together.

Luckily, chocolate artisans, connoisseurs and craft gin makers have come together to pair different flavours, create versatile gin and chocolate combinations and entertain your taste buds. Allow your friend to taste gins from some of Australia’s best distilleries but with a cocoa twist as innovative brands offer gin and chocolate gifts.

There are a few basic tips for combining gin and chocolate. Firstly, you should always choose high quality gin. Even the best tasting cocoa beans can’t compensate for the lack of good taste in a cheap spirit.

Secondly, pay attention to the flavours and aromas of your gin. Is it a classic dry gin that’s all about the juniper or are you using handcrafted gin that has a special herbal touch to it? This will influence the success of your gin and chocolate pairing.

Thirdly, make an exact match of tastes or a complete contrast when you are unsure. The dryness of gin makes it ideal for mixing and matching with lighter fruits. They work naturally with herbs, which are the essence of gin, adding a new dimension to the gin and chocolate experience.

To complement without overwhelming is an art, one that can be achieved by pairing a milder gin with white chocolate. The gentleness of white chocolate can handle the depth of the juniper berries with style and grace.

100% cacao butter white chocolate with real strawberries, cream & a hint of peppermint would go perfectly with Pink Gin or a Sloe Gin. Sloe gin is also a match with a G&T Strawberries and Cream chocolate while Marmalade Milk chocolate and Negroni Pink Gin are a match made in heaven. Combine Ruby Chocolate with a perky pink gin.

Last but not least, you can try gin and tonic with, you guessed it, G&T dark chocolate. Double a gin lover’s gin and tonic experience without doubling the alcohol content. Packed in beautiful hand-drawn artwork boxes, gin and chocolate gifts will add sweetness to anyone’s life before they even taste them.

Ready-to-Mix Cocktail Packs 

For the cocktail lover, bring all the perks of a bar in a box. Only this time, they’ll get exactly what they need in the privacy of their own home. Who needs packed shelves of expensive bottles and tonic water and prosecco that will lose their fizz as soon as you open them? Instead of your friends paying more and getting less, give them the exact quantity that they need. In ready-to-mix cocktail packs, all ingredients are neatly packed in 50ml bottles together with the right glass that creates and elevates the cocktail experience.

Being a cocktail protégé is easy when the preparations are done before the process begins. Ready-to-mix cocktail packs also include garnishes, usually dehydrated citrus wheels, one of gin’s best companions. You would think that you can’t go wrong with mixing gin and tonic but it’s not about getting it wrong, it’s about making it perfect.

The gin and tonic is an unbeatable combination and a pinnacle of mixed drinks. The Aussie gins from Australian gin distilleries included in ready-to-mix Gin & Tonic cocktail packs are made using many Australian botanicals besides the classic ingredients. The tonic water is preferred by many bartenders due to its unique dry finish and lower sugar content.

The Martini gift set includes a 50ml bottle of Australian Craft Gin together with a 50 ml bottle of Australian Dry Vermouth. Stirred, shaken, dry or dirty, a Gibson or Vesper glass is ideal for any type of Martini and is also part of the ready-to-mix cocktail pack. You can choose the type of Aussie gin you want to be included in the pack.

Is your friend a fan of the classics, like Melbourne Dry Gin? Or are they down to try something new every time, making Triple Juniper Gin or Signature Dry gin with an enriched plethora of botanicals ideal choices? For the Prosecco lover, Australian gin and prosecco create the perfect love match, the French 75 ready-to-mix cocktail pack. Swap cliché with chic and give your friend the ultimate experience as they sip from a Copa glass.

Gin Glassware 

There’s something about the right glass that brings out all the tastes and subtleties to the surface. When it comes to gin, there is no original and traditional glass. They have evolved, as has the drink, providing you with an assortment of glasses to choose from and complement a gin lover’s home bar.

The Copa de Balon means balloon glass in Spanish. It can hold from 600ml to 800ml of liquids, meaning lots and lots of ice for summer. The ice is less prone to melt quickly, making it ideal for hotter countries. The Martini glass has made a mark on the world and you can never go wrong with choosing one but have you ever tried a Coupe glass? It’s a bit rounded in the form of a bowl, with a more vertical rim making spillage harder. If your friend loves retro styles, this glass will surely charm them.

A Lowball is a short glass usually 350-400ml in size and is a common choice for many cocktails. Although it’s handy for a modest gin and tonic, you might want to get this glass if your friend prefers a neat drink.

In contrast, a Highball glass can hold larger cocktails that have juice, soda water and fresh herbs. Good choice for a Tom Collins but if that’s your friend’s favourite cocktail, definitely go with the custom Tom Collins glass. It has a similar volume but different dimensions, offering a completely different experience. It’s believed that the vertical sides prolong the fizz and bubbles.

Gin Books

For those who are thirsty for knowledge besides a Martini or Negroni, there is a variety of gin books that would give extra meaning to their nightcap. For history fans, choose “The Curious Bartender’s Guide To Gin”, where gin’s journey from the Middle Ages to the Gin Craze and finally, to its commercialisation is laid down by Tristan Stephenson, an award-winning bar operator.

For fans and supporters of Australian gin, the book “Australian Gin” by David Box is a great introduction to its origins history and development. This book would be perfect for the dedicated lovers that have been thinking of going into the gin distilling business themselves. No matter if they need the right push or are perfectionists wanting to get to the core, this book covers everything from different gin styles to how to start a distillery and the issues distilleries face.

For the mixology fans, “Gin Made Me Do It” is an illustrated book that presents the versatile potential of gin. Cocktail expert Jassy Davis explains how to choose the perfect blend, mix the ultimate martini, and deliver delicious cocktails for every occasion. Your friend could take a pick from 60 delicious recipes, ranging from classic to atypical.

Corporate Gin Boxes

You’ve been meaning to compliment colleagues or spoil clients and you are looking for something fresh and fun but reasonable. Corporate gin boxes specifically designed for a group of gin enthusiasts, all locally crafted and packed in sustainable boxes, showing off your thoughtful side. Corporate gin boxes can include a selection of 2 Australia’s finest craft gins, 2 packs of tonic and a garnish or gin and chocolate gifts that sends everyone in a daze.

Simple Gifts for Great Men: Honour Them with Joy

Simple Gifts for Great Men: Honour Them with Joy

Military members sacrifice so much for their communities and country. Picking out a gift for a military graduate or retirement can be a daunting task as their styles and needs can be different from what is useful for civilians. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gift, an anniversary or other special occasion, they deserve an amazing gift. After all, the most important thing is to show them how proud you are to have them in your life. Here is a list of practical and beautiful gift ideas that can help you find something that will make your military member in the Australian Army or a veteran, feel appreciated and loved.

Military Rings

Wearing a ring signifies an important commitment or event in a person’s life. Military rings are a way of building solidarity with other soldiers and commemorating a military career. They come in designs that honour military service and today’s army ring styles feature designs for both men who like traditional styles and men who prefer cutting edge fashion.

australian army stainless steel military ring

A military ring may be the perfect gift for a special soldier in your life, whether active duty, veteran or retired. Giving an army ring to a military person is a way of showing support and gratitude for his service – a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Military themed rings convey a message and commemorate brave heroes.

Prices vary depending upon the materials used and there are military rings online available in sterling silver and white, yellow or rose gold, with the Army logo engraved, or an Army unit, branch, and crest. Look carefully and choose a military ring to honour a soldier’s connection with all members of the military in the simple act of wearing a ring daily.

There are no set rules on how one should wear an army ring. He could wear it with any military uniform, duty or dress uniform. Also, he could wear it to both formal and informal gatherings. Many times, people are wondering which finger to wear it, but there are no right or wrong answers to this question. Some army rings are quite big and wearing them on the same hand where the wedding band is won’t look pleasing. For that reason, it may be a good idea to wear it on the other hand instead. The middle finger exudes manliness and is believed to symbolise balance and responsibility, so it can be a good choice for putting an army ring on it.

Apparel and Headwear

You can find apparel and headwear for a member of the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy or Air Force, or a veteran. You can choose uniform accessories and hats, beanies, berets, hoodies, shorts, pants, jackets, shirts, ties and more.

headwear australian soldier

Very often clothes are go-to items for gifts and your service member is sure to find them useful and enjoy. You can choose a stylish leather jacket with patches that will let everyone know he’s a proud military member and keep him warm at the same time. Even if he’s retired from the military, he can show off his pride for the Army.

Boots and Socks

Choose high-quality combat and military boots for the member of the army, designed from the sole up to be the perfect rugged footwear. Look for specifically designed boots to boost foot and ankle stability, which can help cushion the knees as well and ensure comfort and stability.

soldier tie military-boots

No one’s happy with a pair of blistered feet. So, to keep your military member feel comfortable in his shoes, get him a good pair of socks to make sure his feet stay blister-free.

Wrist Watches

Most men love a good watch, and chances are your military man likes one, too. Being on time is important in the army and you can give the gift of time by choosing a durable and hardy watch. There is a variety of wristwatches styles and you may find one that’s suited for your beloved soldier needs, including shock-, magnetic- and water resistance, long battery life, LED light and more.

Coffee Mugs

Give the gift of energy to your service member with your choice of a durable coffee mug. You can’t go wrong with a coffee mug with the Army, Air Force or Navy logo or the Remembrance Poppy. It has different meanings in different military folklore. In Australia, the vivid red of the poppies symbolises the blood of their comrades soaking the ground.

Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles help everyone stay hydrated, whether going to the gym, working or completing other tasks. That being said, there’s no doubt that your man in the army will need a water bottle to complete his military duties successfully.
military water bottle

Key Rings

Everyone needs a key, they serve a purpose, whether for locking their door, or carrying keys for their vehicle. Keychains are handy accessories and can make a great choice when the gift-giving time comes. They’re simple and useful, and some even feature a bottle opener. Choose carefully and find the most suitable one for your military man, so he’ll know it comes from the heart.

Multipurpose Tools

The Leatherman multitool features nearly everything one could need. From wire strippers, pliers to knives, all in a single and easy-to-hold tool. A multipurpose tool is a useful item and can make for a great gift for any military member.