There’s something special about the roller skating frenzy from the last decades of the previous century, and thankfully, we have many films to remind us of it. However, you’d be surprised of how further back in time this frenzy exactly goes. So back, in fact, that it’s even part of Charlie Chaplin’s notable film The Rink from 1916. Though it might seem like the era of the glorious roller skating fun has faded away in this technology driven world, it’s still a pastime that’s very much alive. Though the interest seemed to have waned, especially throughout the 90s, we have to praise nostalgia for the rekindling that’s slowly but surely gathering up more fans around the globe.


If you’re one of them, you know how thrilling it can be to work up your motor skills and just feel you’re in a stress-free zone as you make your way on wheels. Not to say, it can help you burn some calories and eliminate some extra weight, thus keep your physique in shape. It might be a bit strange at first when you feel you don’t have the right amount of control over your feet, though not as strange as rollerblading can be, but the more you practice, the more of a skilled roller skater you will become. You can always make use of technology and find a helpful video to get you through the basics before you move on to manoeuvring. To even be able to begin, you probably know the importance of equipment, starting with the skates. When you do proper search, you’ll come across plenty of quality vintage roller skates for sale to choose from.

It takes defining your skating style to know which ones you should be after, whether you’re more of a daring person who would rather conquer streets and do outdoor skating, or if you’re up for reviving the spark of indoor skating. The notable difference in these two styles can be seen in the choice of wheels; those for outdoor use are designed smoother to provide a smooth roll and withstand the uneven rough surface of the roads, whereas the indoor wheels are hard and meant for a smooth roll on smooth skating rink surfaces. When you buy your vintage roller skates, remember to change the wheels accordingly when you switch styles and set enough money aside for buying full safety equipment. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

Roller skating always makes for a perfect fun time bonding with loved ones and friends, throwing birthday parties or just joining skating clubs and being part of meet-ups.