Even though contemporary bathrooms seem to be the norm, there’s still a lot of love for vintage design in these utilitarian spaces. Many bathroom owners feel that the most commonly used room in their home can benefit from a touch of tasteful nostalgia. Plus, there’s also the fact that no matter how trends in interior design change over the years, vintage will remain timeless and chic look. So, if you want to dive into the past with your bathroom design, here are some ideas on what to include.


Vintage-Looking Hardware

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The hardware in the bathroom is highly important for setting an authentic period scene. Even though hardware elements are much smaller than a bathtub or a sink, they still have a huge effect on the overall look because they are present all around the room. That being said, you need to pick taps, showerheads and towel racks that have a matching vintage design.

To bring your sink area back into the past, opt for cross and lever faucets. And if you find it practical, a pair of separate hot and cold taps will add a genuine 19th century feel. For your bath and shower area, consider getting the classic English-style “telephone” faucet and hand shower head combination. This type of combo can look especially charming when paired with a claw foot bathtub.

If you’re not into telephone showerhead sets, you can always pick a modern shower head design but with a classic old-timey finish. For instance, you can go for a handheld shower head with a golden brass finish, and add a vintage and luxurious touch to your bathroom. Additionally, matte black shower heads and fixtures are known to integrate beautifully in vintage-inspired bathrooms. Matte black hardware has an industrial aesthetic that works incredibly well with vintage interiors.

A Victorian-Style Claw Foot Tub

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If you’re a fan of vintage design, you’re going to love the antique, royal-like silhouette of a claw foot bathtub. The claw foot tun was considered a luxury item in the mid 18th century when it first appeared in England. Only the top layers of the aristocracy could afford to have one. While genuine antique claw foot tubs have unbelievable prices as collectable items, many bathroom suppliers build new reproduction clawfoot tubs made of modern materials like fibreglass and acrylic.

Besides adding extravagance and grace to your bathroom, a claw foot tub can be an investment in relaxation. Opposed to standard tub design, this type of bathtub can hold significantly more water, allowing you to sink in and soak comfortably. Because of this, these tubs are increasingly popular for every type of bathroom from farmhouse to rustic, Scandinavian and everything else in between.

An Authentic High Level Toilet

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Staying true to the period style, you may also want to include other Victorian-inspired ceramics, like an authentic high-level toilet. A toilet with a cistern mounted on the wall and high off the ground and a chain pull flush can be a more ornate alternative to a bathroom element that’s usually far from glamorous. Just make sure that the flush can be conveniently reached by everyone in your household. And to complete the look, you can also opt for a wooden toilet seat or lid.

A Beautiful Pedestal Basin

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While you should never put anything on a pedestal, it’s safe to make an exception with your bathroom basin. Pedestal basins add a fabulous touch to a vintage bathroom. With an intricately carved pillar, a pedestal sink draws the eye and adds some variety to the space. Since this type of basin tends to take up less space, it’s the preferred option for making the bathroom appear bigger. Because a pedestal basin can’t be integrated into a vanity, it often comes with added ledges and hooks so you can conveniently store some of your essentials.

An Ornate Mirror

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In the bathroom, the mirror is a great opportunity to make a statement. Pick a large mirror with an intricately carved wooden frame to add an instant wow-factor to the bathroom. A big mirror also enhances the sense of space by bouncing the light around.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Opposed to the clean and white tile aesthetic of most contemporary bathrooms, designing a vintage style bathroom is the perfect chance to go bold with colour. Colour is an important aspect of vintage style, with rich burgundies, dark blues and deep greens dominating the palette. And secondary colours like teal, sage and ivory as well as black and white help to enhance the sense of drama. A great way to add bold colour is through the use of wallpaper. There’s an array of vintage wallpaper patterns to choose from so you can be sure to achieve that classic drama in a tasteful way.