Getting into the homebrewing world is like delving deep into history because it’s something that’s been done for centuries worldwide. In fact, it’s a tradition that’s at least 9,000 years old, and deciding to make it part of your life would feel like being a step closer to the ancient civilisations.

Then again there are other benefits too, like appreciating the drink even more which is a natural process once you invest your effort and money in creating it for yourself as well as others. Speaking of money, you’d also be able to save up considerably when making your own beer as opposed to buying a six-pack all the time.

Though you might have heard that it’s a costly pastime activity, what with all the necessary equipment, there are ways you can make it a much more affordable experience. Don’t know how? It all comes down to choosing and using beer extract kits of the finest quality. While pro brewers might say otherwise, and convince you that the only way to getting an amazing beer is by using the all-grain method, the following benefits shed some light why the kits are the best choice for you as a beginner.


Kits Are Affordable

Homebrewed beer with pale ale malt extract

Okay, this is the obvious major benefit for anyone who decides to give homebrewing a try. It may seem a pricey option at first, but when you consider everything a kit comes with, it’s really worth the investment. Since the kits already come with the malt extract (whether dry or liquid), hops, specialty grains, and in some cases even yeast, and bottle caps, you can do with the basic of basic brewing equipment.

Even a large pot you already have in your kitchen arsenal would do. This isn’t the case with the all-grain method which requires the use of more and larger equipment pieces right from the start which can be costly. One of these is the example of large pots to fit at least eight gallons, as opposed to the five with the kits. You can brew wherever you want, even on your charming vintage kitchen counter if you choose to, as it doesn’t have to be a specifically designated area for brewing.

They Also Save You Time

Brewing finished from boiling and now filtering it

Considering the kits with beer extract consist of malt extract, which is a pre-made concentrated wort, you get to save up on time too, so it’s not just your wallet that benefits. Thanks to having the ideal recipe created for you, with all the right ingredients, you get to skip some daunting processes, like mashing, lautering and sparging which can easily make your brewing experience into a time-consuming hobby that takes up to six hours of your time.

All you’re left to do is follow the specific instructions that you get with the kit, heat up the water at the suggested temperature, add the steeping grains and remove them after they’ve soaked, add the malt extract, and heat up to a boil for an hour. Then let it cool in an ice bath of at least 23°C protected with a lid.

Once the wort reaches this temperature, you can move it to the fermenter and add the yeast then let it ferment for about two weeks storing it in a dry place. Sanitise the bottles before bottling and let them air dry before pouring your beer. Simple as that! Let’s face it, as a beginner, you don’t really have much patience when it comes to brewing and tasting your own drink, so this simple strategy is ideal.

They Make for a Straightforward Brewing Process


When you’re just starting to understand a bit more about the homebrewing hobby, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with information about the ingredients, the styles, the equipment, and the process of brewing itself. As mentioned, the beer extract kits are ready-made based on tried and tested recipes, and they come with detailed instructions on the steps you ought to take. This is perfect if you want to make the most of the hobby with little to no errors along the way. If it’s consistency you need to get more courage and keep up with the hobby, there’s no doubt about it – get a kit!

An additional advantage from all this is little to no mess as you’d only get to work with a few pieces of equipment, such as kettle, fermenter, thermometer, and spoon so there’s not much washing up to do. Seeing how easy it is, the hobby could turn into a family hobby you enjoy together with loved ones. And as you gain more confidence in the process, and you get better with your skills, you could always make the switch to the all-grain method.

And They Can Help You Work on Your Creativity

Dark beer decorated with cinnamon stick, chocolate and chili peppers

You might have heard acquiring beer extract kits robs you of your chance to get creative with the recipes, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on the kit you purchase, you have some experimentation left with certain ingredients that can help you have fun changing the style and colour. Some ideas include cinnamon sticks, cacao nibs, peppers and fruits, but to be on the safe side make sure you do some research and see what goes and what doesn’t for your specific kit.