Being “dressed for success” back in the day didn’t mean wearing a comfortable woven shirt, paired with khakis or denim pants. In some office environments, that kind of attire was only acceptable on “casual Fridays”. Today, however, there is a new wave of corporate apparel that gives office landscapes a relaxed but still professional look. Although style may be everything when it comes to corporate settings, today comfort is even more important.

In corporations that don’t have a work-from-home policy, dress codes have mellowed tremendously in the last decade, and that’s for some very good reasons. More and more people are gravitating towards a style that’s not that much uptight and it’s more relaxed. But what does actually a „relaxed” style entail? It is an employee wearing dress pants with a woven shirt and sweater vest, instead of the traditional dress pants, a woven shirt, tie and suit coat. But although the new trend may say ‘relaxed,’ I’d say it is definitely well put together.

corporate apparel

Furthermore, there is an important link between the comfort of employees while wearing corporate apparel and their level of productivity. Nowadays, more and more businesses are starting to buy into the idea that a relaxed work environment can lead to increased productivity among their staff, and that starts with their wardrobe. You can’t really do your best when you are not feeling your best, right? Many scientific studies have shown the positive impacts that the free movement of the body has on the mental capabilities of people. Luckily, wellness concepts have been adopted by corporations in such ways that are changing the way employees exist within the corporate environment.

The truth of the matter is, with every passing generation, corporate attire is becoming more and more relaxed and employees and managers are less uptight about rules and regulations when it comes to uniforms. A relaxed business appearance is perceived as being ‘cool,’ and businesses that are trying to attract the younger crowd to the workforce, or even places like restaurants trying to attract youngsters to visit them, have a more laid-back dress code that fits in today’s culture.

As for the colours and cuts, when shopping, watch for more stretchy fabrics. For this upcoming year, styles will trend towards a modified point of a spread collar, and shirts will be worn tucked or untucked – based on personal preferences. Among the most popular colours will be lavender, ultraviolet shades, and of course, neutrals, black and white. Vintage colors are also becoming more popular with casual woven styles, but the traditional wovens are still dominant, being there for people who want to play it safe, with mostly neutral color options being purchased more frequently. Also, slim-fitting woven models are slowly finding their way into the corporate industry, but they haven’t been widely sought after just yet.