Tomahawks vs Traditional Axes: What Makes Tomahawks the Ideal Outdoor Tool

Tomahawks vs Traditional Axes: What Makes Tomahawks the Ideal Outdoor Tool

You know what they say about not trying to fix something that isn’t broken? Well, the tomahawk axe is one of the items that fall into that category. From Native Americans using them as general-purpose tools and weapons to Vietnam veterans using them for warfare, the tomahawk axe has kept its design and purpose for over 300 years. Nowadays, commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, the tomahawk axe still finds a wide range of applications when camping, hunting and doing everything in between. (more…)

Lawn Mower: The Secret to a Lush Green Lawn is in the Cutting

Lawn Mower: The Secret to a Lush Green Lawn is in the Cutting

Having a lush outdoor area has always been in my dreams when envisioning my ideal home which is why I had to get a home with a yard. My outdoor area is a real treat when wanting to have some rest and relaxation of the hectic daily schedule, it feels like traveling somewhere away for a while; traveling to a stress-free zone. Nothing like greenery to lift our mood, and help with overall well-being.

Taking this into account, the lawn has always been an important part of my yard, which is why the basic tool I resort to is a lawn mower. Why envy the green grass on the other side, when you too can have yours green, right? Taking care of my lawn, trimming it to perfection over the years has taught me it’s not just about buying the most expensive power tool of the sort there is to get the job well done.

Since there is a wide range of cheap lawn mower models, both petrol, and electric (corded, or battery), even hybrid ones of a mower and a mulcher, you can expect to get the lawn chore done in no time, saving efforts and time. Getting to know more about the lawn, I don’t wait up long to get on with mowing. The reason for this isn’t just in the aesthetics (let’s face it, messy lawn looks somewhat abandoned), but the health of the lawn itself.

It’s necessary to do regular cutting so as to stimulate growth which would in turn result in eye-catching lush green grass, and my cheap lawn mower proved to be just the durable helping hand I need to get the sought-after outcome. One golden rule tyou have to abide by when it comes to taking care of the lawn properly is not to cut when you have the time, but when it’s the grass’s time! Likewise, it’s important that you pay attention to the season, and the height that you can cut – ideally when it’s at 3 2/3 inches.

Cooler months require less cutting, with the grass being up to 2 inches and a half, whereas warm and hot months you cat cut at a greater height so you’d have to do wheel adjustment based on the season. Just remember to steer away from cutting it too short as that never works out for the better – been there, done that. The frequency of mowing also depends on the weather conditions, so when you’ve had some days of rain, you can expect the grass to show signs of more growth.

It may seem a bit demanding, but it’s all worth it, and you don’t get to waste as much time or energy when you can count on a quality lawn mower.

Give Yourself the Benefit of an Urban Garden

Give Yourself the Benefit of an Urban Garden

You know how the saying goes “out with the old, in with the new” and we refer to it whenever we want to make certain changes in our lifestyles but then end up getting back to the old ways of life, turning to the incorrigible habits. Well, there’s the perfect combination of both old and new that could be the groundbreaking change you’ve been hoping for: the chance to grown your own food in the comfort of your home – it’s one you’d grow to love and not give up on.

It sure sounds too good to be true because usually we picture the lovely blooming garden outdoors when it comes to taking up gardening, but nowadays since there’s a shift in preferences considering most of us prefer the perks and opportunities of living in cities and this logically results in packed up cityscapes and barely any space for greenery, gardening got susceptible to evolution too. With the help of modern planters and pots, some of which are based on the self-watering ingenious design, there’s no excuse not to become a gardener anymore and try out your green thumb skills.

urban-gradeningYou’ve seen self-taught cooks making it big worldwide, in the likes of Jamie Oliver and Bill Granger, and you’ve probably seen the importance they place on vegetables. Have you also noticed the trend of engaging in gardening at home? Gardening can be considerably cost-effective as opposed to buying groceries, particularly over an extended period, as you get to invest in seeds that don’t cost much (bonus quality and taste points if you choose non-hybrid heirloom seeds) and you’d always have fresh produce on your plate, no matter whether it’s vegetables, fruits or herbs.

Some of the choices of modern planters and pots you’d come across are specifically designed to be of help to the urban gardener, and fit for every space of the home, or better yet every corner considering there are also mini versions that still have the self-watering concept. The great thing about such planters is they rid you of the watering chores and you won’t have to worry about over watering or not watering enough since roots get the amount of water they need through the wicking system. Apart from being functional, they’re also stylish and can be the perfect decorating elements when you want to spice up the interior as they can also serve as room dividers when connected.

Along with cost-effectiveness, making urban gardening part of your lifestyle is particularly beneficial when it comes to your overall well-being and having the peace of mind never having to worry again about what all ends up on your plate, and whether or not it’s full of toxins. Planet Earth gets to benefit from this as well since the home gardening without the use of pesticides and herbicides results in reduction of the environmental impact as you don’t add to the water and air pollution. So, if you want to go in the footsteps of ancestors with growing your own food yet reap the benefits of modern inventions, don’t wait up to become an urban gardener.

The Magic Wand of DIY-ing in Gardening

The Magic Wand of DIY-ing in Gardening

I’m in a DIY craze! I’ve been meaning to pay my garden more attention for quite some time now as I figured my entire plant collection needs refreshing. A few days ago I decided to do some creative gardening and create some rather fancy-looking planters which will refresh my outdoor landscape. Plus, this way I got to hang out with my daughters and have some fun together as they also love gardening.

We’re all in love with vintage objects, so we gathered a bunch of old stuff that we had in the basement and tried to make good use of all the wooden and metal buckets, ladders and boxes. We divided our responsibilities: the girls were responsible to think of ways to use what we had on disposal, and I had to make a new planter mixture with fresh soil and add nutrients. I bought a few gardening products that I needed for the process and started doing what I love most.

When it comes to taking care of a garden, a number of gardening tools are needed. You can’t call yourself a gardener if you don’t have some handy tools in your garden denim jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have them, make sure you search for high quality gardening products online or offline and stash your gardening toolbox. From a patch helper for harvesting, to a gardening knife and secateurs, the basics are a must for any gardener.

The girls came up with some pretty amazing ideas. They used an old, vintage-like door, painted it in pastel pink and placed it in a corner in our backyard. They chose a few small metal buckets which I filled with a planter mixture and planted yellow flowers. The combination of colours was just amazing and very summer-ish.

Next thing we did was dismantle an old, large drawer cabinet I inherited from my grandmother. Although beautiful, it was very bulky and couldn’t be restored, so I had to store it in the basement. We took the small drawers out and used them as planters; I put the planter mixture in it, planted the greenery, and the planters were ready. We placed them on an old ladder (those made of wood and used by painters) and this turned out to be the perfect vintage decoration for out patio.

Finally, I used some old coffee cups I found, which were a little broken and couldn’t be used anymore. On another wooden ladder I placed the small cups, which now serve as small planters, and decorated the other part of my patio. The entire picture resembles a vintage paradise – with all that old wood, greenery, the pop of colour here and there and the metal buckets. We did some pretty creative work.

What is important here is to remember to trim your plants, the ones that you’ll be re-planting in another pot and to make sure your soil has the needed nutrients. And of course, make sure to water them daily.

Create Your Picture Perfect Outdoor Space with Accessories

Create Your Picture Perfect Outdoor Space with Accessories

Regardless of how much we love our homes, we’re creatures who are connected with nature. In the very beginnings of humankind, the great ancestors had only nature to rely on to sustain their lives so we might as well say this kind of connection is sort of innate. Nowadays though, being part of the technological environment, most of the lifestyles of modern individuals are based on being in the company of electronics, confined to an enclosed space either at work or at home, which is being proved time and time again as a threat for the overall health. Instead of choosing to binge-watch TV, we should all turn to our roots and spend more time in the company of nature and what better way to do so than by starting from our very homes, that is, our outdoor areas.


Urban Gardens: Growing Abundance in Small City Spaces

Urban Gardens: Growing Abundance in Small City Spaces

We all know that the urban lifestyle has robbed us of many precious activities and possibilities, including the one of having and caring for our own edible garden. Some of the millions of urban dwellers have never had the chance to see where and how their food grows, which is one of the countless reasons people have started using their creativity (as well as their cramped city apartments and balconies) to take control of what’s on their plate. Yes, I’m talking about the popular and relatively new practice of urban gardening.

Nowadays, more and more nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts who live and work in a big city are cultivating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both indoors and outdoors, using hanging baskets, window boxes, trellises, and self-watering vegetable growing containers. These are perhaps four of the easiest and smartest ways of utilizing small city spaces and turning them into bountiful urban gardens.

When it comes to growing edible plants successfully, knowledgeable gardeners will advise you not to be hasty when choosing the fruits and vegetables you and your loved ones wish to plant and eat, as some of them are very difficult to take care of, especially for beginners and individuals with a busy daily routine. So, if you are eager to experience the joy of looking after your own garden for the very first time in your life, then I believe that you should start with several easy-to-grow-and-maintain edible plants and slowly work your way up from there.


Strawberries and tomatoes are, in my opinion, the most rewarding fruit plants a person could devote their time and energy to (that’s right, tomatoes are fruit), for they both usually yield a large number of fruits. Yes, they do need regular watering and rich & warm soil in order to thrive, but trust me, once you get the hang of them, you will be glad you made them a part of your beloved urban garden.

However, a few strawberry and cherry tomato planters are simply not enough to satisfy your dietary needs. That’s why you might want to consider the option of buying several vegetable growing containers and start cultivating lettuce, beet, kale, and green beans. All of these delicious and extremely healthy veggies can be easily grown both inside and out, which means that nothing stands in your way of planting them and preparing your favourite vegetarian and vegan dishes when they are ready to be harvested. Well, except for your will (or the lack of it).

Let me end this article by reminding you that consuming fresh and, if possible, organic produce on a daily basis is immensely important to our overall health. Yes, we can buy such fruits and vegetables at a local farmer’s market, but we all know that they are quite expensive. Growing our own food at home, on the other hand, when done carefully, can prove to be really economical.