There are a lot of different types of barcode scanners today spread across a variety of industries and most of them are seamlessly integrated into our lives. The same goes for fixed barcode scanners as they are made to be compact and lightweight but also pack a lot of features. They can be mounted almost anywhere, as long as they are facing the right way.



A fixed barcode scanner can be usually seen implemented with conveyor belts, positioned at a certain angle on their side. They can also be found in kiosks or other small shops and supermarkets, plus, they are also being used more and more on vehicles such as forklifts. Fixed mount barcode scanners are also used for scanning whole pallets of shipments and they are well implemented in large automated systems too.


This type of scanner is able to read 2D barcodes that have encoded detailed information about a certain product. This can be useful to determine whether or not a product is past its expiry date and if so, the scanner will alarm you. Fixed mount barcode scanners are also able to read the lot number on a barcode, meaning that it can save data from raw material for production history.

Furthermore, they are great for sorting products and in case a product’s allotted number doesn’t fit in certain batch production, the scanner is able to notify you or even put the product away. This feature is mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry in order to have every drug leaflet corresponding with the medicine in line.

The fixed mount scanner is able to detect if barcodes meet the necessary GS1 printing specifications, made to protect from counterfeit barcodes. They can even notify you if a product’s barcode orientation is not in place or if a box has no barcode on it – in some cases, it may be that the box is not facing the right direction or if the barcode is distorted (not printed well).

A barcode scanner of this type is able to read more than barcodes. Sticking a barcode on some products is just not enough, as they need to have some specifications on them permanently. Manufacturers have to emboss these products and this type of barcode scanner is capable of reading that as well (Tyre dot codes and OCR).

Fixed mount barcode scanners have multiple scanning speeds, which makes them useful in fast assembly lines. They’re also good at verifying certain product contents, thoroughly inspecting the product and checking if the color of a product or packaging is the same until the last one. They can also take pictures of boxes to make sure that things like instructions and product description aren’t missing any characters.