Every car owner, seasoned or a proper novice, is aware that car maintenance is a regular and daunting responsibility. Some of the tasks can be delegated to someone that knows exactly what they are doing, and this is certainly recommended for safety-critical systems in the vehicle. On the other far end of the spectrum, there are a lot of basic upgrades and easy maintenance tasks everyone can learn how to do on their own.

These new aftermarket parts and upgrades are often not essential for optimal performance of the vehicle. They are simply there to improve comfort and the overall driving experience. At the end of the day, it all comes to the type of driving you do on a day to day basis. If you are off-roading a lot, you can make great use of a variety of aftermarket parts that can improve the protection of the chassis and the vehicle’s recovery options.


Subaru Throttle Control

This is one of the upgrades you can certainly do on your own. Its possibly because the steps to install this acceleration booster are very easy. You need to find the factory plug of the accelerator, it should be close below the dashboard. You unclip this plug and then clip the Subaru throttle control to the throttle body.

throttle controller
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The original factory plug you unclipped previously goes on the far end of the throttle controller. The system is already set up, the last thing you want to do before testing it out, is to place the interface at the dashboard without creating a mess with the wires. One clean and elegant solution is to run the cable through the steering column (if that is possible for your model, the throttle controller supports Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Liberty, and other Subaru’s). Operating the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

The throttle controller is practically a fly by wire which provides a shortcut to your engine system. Vehicles coming fresh from the factory have built-in throttle lag. It manages the response your engine would give to your pedal work below the dash. Besides helping reduce gas emissions and complying with car manufacturing regulations, this throttle lag can also aid when having issues starting the car.

Adding a good Subaru electronic throttle control module will significantly boost acceleration. The change is instant, however, it does have a small disadvantage – you will reach peak response of the engine when you work the pedal to the middle. Anything past that won’t give you acceleration (not even flooring the pedal). Which is not as bad, since you’ll be cruising at acceleration rates you dreamed of as a child.

evc controller
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Since not all driving is acceleration-oriented, there are four separate modes on your Subaru electronic throttle control. The economy mode will assist your conservative driving (urban driving and traffic lights). The ultimate mode is suitable for off-road recovery. The automatic mode can be turned on according to your needs. The normal one is in case you want throttle lag to apply.

Cargo Management

Subaru models have good trunks, however, it’s not hard to create a supermassive black hole that seems to have swallowed every loose object from its immediate environment. Meaning: socks, kids toys, car toolbox, weekender bags, balls, hats, spare parts and a case of beer from the last BBQ party. Fortunately, the range of Subaru aftermarket accessories includes items like a cargo net, cargo organizer and cargo separator.

car organizer
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The cargo net can serve to compartmentalize your trunk junk. Sports equipment, for example, can be placed inside and it will remain inside regardless of your driving style. The separator is especially handy if you have numerous small items in the back – it will prevent them from coming across to the driving seats. While it’s not meant to be used for a pet, it can still serve to provide greater comfort for everyone involved in the trip. Cargo organizers for Subaru work as cargo compartments that will hold whatever you entrust them with. From groceries, fishing tackle and outdoor gear to your diving equipment.

Front Wheel Holder

Speaking of outdoor sports equipment – this is one of the aspects of having Subaru vehicle you will welcome as someone who loves installing add ons to their car set up. Roof racks are one example and there are many upgrades you can do over time. The most basic roof storage option is to add two roof racks. They can serve to hold some of your bulky equipment like surfboards, skis or kayaks.

car roof boxes
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If your favourite off-road adventure involves bikes, you’ll need to add a safety widget to ride with bicycles on your roof. That might be a small iteration, however, you can be far more elaborate in regards to roof top space. So, if a front wheel holder for Subaru doesn’t quite satisfy your needs, you can go for a roof basket or a proper cage. Off-roaders use them to load jerry cans, LPG canisters, vehicle recovery gear and every other thing that either doesn’t fit below, or you simply prefer to put it up there.