Have you ever imagined what life would be like without all the technological advancements? Sure, there are times when we think of all the possible disadvantages that can stem from this overt dependency on electronics, but we can hardly imagine going through a day without relying on our devices. There’s practically no one that’s part of modern societies who can live off by entirely cutting out technology from their lives. Try being technology-free for days, refraining from engaging in social networking, chatting and texting on your mobile phone, or even watching TV, and you’ll see getting rid of this dependency is like painfully getting rid of a band aid.

Though we might have the impression this is the age of technological boom, the beginnings actually go way back in time. When we require the proof, we needn’t look further than the history of the term “technology” itself. Coined in the 17th century, it means “science of craft” and it refers to a combination of various processes, techniques and skills, all part of producing inventions and goods, such as the likes of electronics we know of nowadays.


It’s interesting to note electronics wouldn’t exist if not for the ingenuity of Joseph Henry, a scientist who brought the first electronic device named relay to life in 1835. Working on currents and magnetism, the relay became part of telegraphs, calculators, telephones and even computers. This means it’s safe to say technology helped create many job opportunities in the production sector, while at the same time posing the need for specialists, who would provide IT management services and fix specific problems. Innovations of today would not have come all this way without the help of dedicated scientists of the past which directly connects them with present day scientists.

No one could have imagined the lengths electronics would go in affecting people’s lifestyles. From reading books and sharing information, to doing shopping, finding jobs and banking, electronics have become ingrained in our societies. So ingrained, in fact, that they leave their marks on love and marriage as well. There are plenty of ways and sites where you can find the love of your life online, just make sure to take some safety precautions regarding your privacy and avoid a device issue from interfering with your dates by doing regular check ups and relying on the help of trustworthy IT management services.

Next time you get annoyed for getting disconnected because of losing internet accessibility thanks to weather conditions, or not receiving an email message in time, just remember what life must have been like before the existence of electronics and thank scientists and inventors who paved the road to technological advancements we’re now having in the 21st century.