In a world full of trends, I mostly like those that somehow despite all the time that goes by, they still manage to surprise us all and rise back again, beating the odds. Now that everyone is a little bit or more concerned about their looks, we’ve become more aware of the importance of staying healthy. This means, along with all the groundbreaking diet changes that ensue, it’s more of a common sight to see people making physical activities such as jogging, swimming, dancing as well as meditating part of their daily lives. And then there’s me, like a fly on the wall standing out from the crowd.

Except that I’m not an inactive observer but rather engage in a different kind of physical activity: good old rollerskating. Ever since I was a child, skating had a special place in my heart, and while I’d forgotten about it for some time as my grown-up life got in the way, I got back to my passion as soon as skating started having its great comeback. It’s incredible to think something that appeared and was greatly enjoyed in the 18th century is still very much enjoyed to this day. I’m glad to be having fun with the pastime activity my ancestors did. As my old skates have seen better days, I had to purchase new ones, yet even after seeing all the different models, retro roller skates still caught my eye the most.

It might seem like an easy purchase, but there are more things that come in to play other than style, since the wheel choice largely depends on the type of skating one prefers. While I first got my outdoor retro roller skates and started having a blast conquering pavements, boulevards and parks, it wasn’t long after that I wished to be back in the rollerskating rink to remember the good old days, so I had to make another purchase as well, that of wheels. Much to my surprise, it seemed rollerskating derbies were having a great comeback too and not only. Lately, a new trend of this old trend has emerged combined with fitness. If you’re up for some stretching out while having a spin, you can join up rollerskating fitness groups.

The reason we’re witnessing the revival of this sport is because it’s fit for everyone, people like you and me. It’s the kind of activity that brings all generations together, kids and adults alike, so it’s the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and spend some quality time bonding with loved ones while rolling down the streets and rinks. As I’m long past my childhood days, I’ve learnt how to be more careful and place more importance on safety gear as much as on the maintenance of my roller skates. And you, readers? Are you convinced enough, as I was, to be part of this never-fading pastime activity?