In recent years, the fashion industry has taken significant strides towards inclusivity, embracing a wider range of body sizes and shapes. This positive and long-overdue change has empowered plus-size women to dress and express themselves through fashion like never before. The bodysuit is one of the most versatile and stylish pieces that have gained popularity in the fashion world in the last few years.


Why Bodysuits

women wearing different colors plus-size bodysuits

Bodystuis are an essential part of the wardrobe of a person looking to make a fashion statement, as they offer versatility, a put-together look and sometimes even extravagance. Typically the main and most practical reason to wear a bodysuit is to have a tucked-in, sleek look without having to constantly tuck in your shirt or blouse which makes it much easier to style in any way you want. Another good thing about them is that everybody can rock a bodysuit.

Choose the Right Bodysuit

Many brands sell bodysuits. Some of them are your regular bodysuits and others are a bit more sexy, with lace and showing a bit of skin. Depending on your preferences, there are some essential things to consider to choose the perfect plus size bodysuit.

Fabric quality

You want your bodysuit to last and not lose its elasticity. Bodysuits come in various fabrics, here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Cotton – Bodysuits made of cotton are known for their comfort and breathability, which makes them perfect for everyday wear and for bodysuits with a more simplistic and casual look. Now if you want your bodysuit to fit you, bear in mind that it might not offer as much shaping as other fabrics.
  • Spandex and Lycra – These are the go-to fabrics for shaping and support. These two materials provide a snug fit that hugs your body and smooths it. If you want to ensure comfort and flexibility and still show your curves opt for a bodysuit with a blend of these fabrics.
  • Lace – Lace bodysuits are perfect for adding a bit of elegance to your outfit. You can wear these bodysuits as lingerie if you’re not fully comfortable wearing them as statement pieces, or put a sheer blouse on top. Make sure to get one with stretch so that you’ll be comfortable while wearing it.
  • Velvet – Ideal for cooler seasons are special occasions. The rich texture ass a touch of luxury to the look.
  • Mesh – If you want to show some skin while wearing your bodysuit, mesh ones are quite trendy. They offer see-through which can be paired with many other types of pieces of clothing for a playful look.

Size and Fit

Finding the right plus size bodysuit might be a challenging task as there are so many different kinds, but finding the one that is the right size and fit for your body type. You want it to fit your form without any gaps. Look for adjustable straps, which would allow you to customise the fit to your body. The bodysuit should feel snug without constricting your movement and it should provide the smoothing you desire.

Style Your Bodysuit

a woman dressed up with a bodysuit, jeans, and accessories

Now, on to the more fun part of bodysuits, styling them. They are versatile and can be styled in numerous ways to suit your personality and fit the occasion. Here are some ways in which you can style your plus-size bodysuit.

This piece of clothing is ideal for layering and can be worn in place of your regular t-shirt or tank top, or worn under a nice flowy dress as a base layer if you want more additional coverage. But, you can also style them in many other ways to show off your curves and feel more confident and attractive.

Pair them with your favourite pair of jeans. A nice neutral bodysuit can do wonders for your style, so pairing it with jeans will create a nice, effortless outfit and yet you’ll look fabulous and comfortable. And if you want to add a little bit of flair, put on a cardigan or a nice blazer and your look will go from everyday to business-casual in seconds. If you’re a more athletic type and jump at any opportunity to wear a nice and stretchy pair of leggings, bodysuits are perfect for it. Just like a leotard, it will look perfect with the leggings. That look is particularly suited for activities like pilates or yoga.

Lace exudes feminine energy and it’s ideal for any time you want to show out in a nice flirty dress for a part or you can always pair your lace bodysuit with a pair of pants or a skirt and a pair of heels to feel more sexy.

Now, if your bodysuit is made of mesh, there are some things you need to consider first. It requires a little bit of layering situation to avoid any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions, but the best thing about this type is that even when you style it with a plain pair of jeans you’ll still look amazing.

Do you need a bra under a bodysuit? Some bodysuits come with a built-in bra and there is no need for you to wear one if you don’t want to. But, if that will make you feel more comfortable you can do what feels good for you.

Don’t forget to accessorize. Belts, scarves, sunglasses and bags can add your personal touch to your outfit and make you stand out, if that’s what you want, of course.

Plus-size fashion has come a very long way, and thankfully today, women of all body types can enjoy all of the latest trends and styles, and that is also the case with the bodysuit. With a little creativity and the right choice of styling, your bodysuit will be a staple in your wardrobe and the foundation for countless stunning and fashionable looks. Embrace your body, embrace your curves, express your style and enjoy yourself on this nice and fashionable journey.