So you’re finally bringing a pooch home. It’s a big deal, not just because you’re getting a new member of the family but you’re taking on quite a bit of responsibility along with it. Taking proper care of your furry little friend is your ultimate goal here. Seeing your pet happy is exactly the same thing that will make you happy. Your new pride and joy. Let’s be real here, nothing compares to spending a nice, cosy evening cuddled up with your dog on the couch, watching your favourite shows and eating some delicious food. Sounds like the perfect way to rest up and relax after a long day.

Now you’re probably already frantically preparing your home with all the gadgets and accessories you can think of. It’s a hefty list, we’ll give you that. Lots of things to remember, lots of things to consider. Some of them can easily slip your mind. And this is why we’re stepping in with a checklist of things you’re supposed to have in order to give your dog the warm welcome it deserves. Thank us later.

dog laying on his cushion


Do Dogs Need a Comfortable Bed?

Yes, of course. It’s definitely a must Just like any other human being, dogs need their own dedicated space where they can lay down and sneak in some z’s whenever they feel like it. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with letting your pet hop into bed with you and spend the night there but it’s much better if they have their own spot in your home. In addition, you’ll have less cleaning to do because you won’t find dog hairs lying around everywhere you go. This is why getting a comfortable bed, paired with extra soft dog cushions should be at the top of your priority list. After all, it’s a place where your four-legged pal will spend a good portion of their day since oftentimes they can sleep for up to 10 hours.

Another good thing about dog cushions is that they have a removable cover so you can just chuck it into the washing machine when it gets dirty. You won’t have to buy additional equipment and supplies to keep things squeaky clean.

When deciding on the size of the dog cushion, make sure that it’s roomy and spacious enough for your pup to sit comfortably. No legs should be dangling off the sides because if that happens, it means that the cushion in question is too small. The right-sized cushion will provide adequate support and comfort to your puppy, practically cocooning and sheltering it from the outside world. Your pet will be dozing off into dreamland in no time.

Patch Things Up With Grooming Equipment

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking your pup to a groomer for a professional trim if you don’t want to go through the trouble yourself but it’s still a good idea to keep a few basic grooming supplies laying around at home. In this way, you’ll be able to trim a few stray hairs here and there and keep your do’s fur as tame as possible in between grooming visits.

dog enjoying his cushion

The choice of brushes and combs you’ll be using on your dog depends greatly on the type of fur you’re dealing with. If you’re unsure of which ones are suitable in your case, ask your groomer for advice and pointers on which ones you should get. Generally speaking, a bristle brush should be more than enough to detangle the fur and remove excess strands. And another thing – don’t forget to stack up on scissors and nail trimmers to keep everything in check.

Keep It Personal With Collars And Leashes

Dog tags have been standard practice for years now because they give your pet proper identification. If they somehow get lost, finding them will be easier. When choosing the type of collar, play around with different styles and designs, you don’t have to stick to just one. These days, bark collars for dogs are a popular choice for those who have trouble taming their energetic pups.

dog with collar

Additional Hygiene Products

We’ve covered the most essential dog care items which means that it’s time to have a look at some honourable mentions and nice-to-haves.

Potty Pads

This is basically a bathroom for your dog. Yes, you’ll have to potty train your pooch so that you can reap all the benefits. No more random poops laying around the house or garden. Your dog will make a quick trip to its grass toilet tray and go about their business without adding another responsibility to your list. What a relief.

Poo Bags

We can’t possibly stress this enough – don’t leave dog poop on the street while you’re walking your dog. It’s not cool and no one appreciates that. You never know when your pup will need to dip in the loo while you’re out for a walk so make sure you have a bunch of poo bags ready to go. Once your dog can done its thing, pick up the poop and throw it in the bin where it’s supposed to be. In this way, you’re doing everyone a favour.

dog poo bags

Household Repel Spray

Now this is a convenient invention because it helps you keep dogs out of certain areas in your house. Simply spray the contents of the can on your new sofa or shiny kitchen cabinet, a few sprays should do the trick. Your dog won’t go anywhere near the place.